Friday, September 25, 2015

#1471: Thomas Clough

To give you an idea: Thomas Clough has, among other things, written about the War on Christmas”, where he has brought up for instance the pertinent question: “Why Do Many Jews Hate Christmas?” That article was published on David Duke’s website. Otherwise, Clough runs the website WeirdRepublic and has (apparently) written numerous books, such as The Little Book in defense of “traditional marriage”, which is aimed at members of Congress, state representatives, clergy, conservative radio personalities and state attorneys general who are charged with defending natural marriage.” In the book, Clough makes up whatever statistics he needs to support his argument against marriage equality and points out that the fight is made difficult by the hundreds of queer judges lurking in our court system,” including, he speculates, the most recently appointed Supreme Court justices. Otherwise, Clough seems to focus in particular on MRA stuff, the plights of white males and suchlike.

Diagnosis: You know the type – the scourge of family dinner parties anywhere. Relatively minor, but he probably has a modicum of influence (we've seen his website praised), and there are many enough who share the delusions of Tom Clough.

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