Saturday, September 26, 2015

#1472: Craig Paul Cobb

Craig Paul Cobb is the white supremacist that operates the video sharing website Podblanc. Cobb claims “racism is my religion”, advocates “racial holy war” in accordance with the tenets of The Creativity Movement, and is particularly notorious for his celebration of violence and murder committed against minorities. Hate crimes? No; words like “hate crime” – and “gay” – were “devised by Jews to oppress whites,” according to Cobb. So there.

He is way most famous, though, for his bizarre campaign to dominate the hamlet of Leith, North Dakota (16 inhabitants) with other white supremacists. Cobb moved to Leith in 2012 with little subtlety and promptly made the hamlet both a center for Neo-Nazi ridiculousness and the target of various anti-racist protests. Apparently Cobb owns at least 12 plots of land in the town, and several other prominent white supremacists also own land in Leith, partially because Cobb has transferred ownership of plots to fellow white supremacists, including Alex Linder and Tom Metzger.

Cobb’s plans failed, and he was eventually arrested in 2013 for terrorizing his neighborhood. While in prison he refused food because he was practicing mahasamadhi and believed he would leave his physical body for another “plane of existence” at Yuletide. He’s still around, though he seems to have quieted down a bit.

Diagnosis: I think you’ll manage this one yourself. 


  1. The whole irony is that Cobb himself was revealed to be 14% Sub-Saharan African after a DNA test on some daytime talk show.

  2. Since you're coming up on the letter D soon, you might want to look into Eric Dubay. A fringe figure to be sure, but a rich source of kookiness.

    He runs a website called The Atlantean Conspiracy, where you'll find -- among other things -- "proof" that the earth is flat, dinosaurs never existed and Hitler was a really nice guy who is just misunderstood.

    He's all over YouTube and pretty active on Facebook, too. I thought he was a parody at first, but he seems to really believe all this crap.

    1. I visited The Atlantean Conspiracy. I watched his flat earth video on YouTube. As a result, I have lost brain cells that I will never recover. Please, God, let this guy be a poe. Otherwise, it seems that evolution can work in reverse, at least in Dubay's case.

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