Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#1430: Karissa Brusseau

A small break from the onslaught of angry anti-gay activists: Karissa Brusseau is a massage therapist in Fargo, ND who has, over the years, “expanded her massage therapy practice beyond the body to the mind and soul” and became a “past life coach”. Indeed, she is touted as a “certified soul and past-life coach,” which adds just so much extra credibility. She also does CranioSacral therapy, reiki and intuitive consulting through her business, Lotus Touch. And to top it all, she leads classes, workshops and speaks at holistic expos, as well as phone and email readings and coaching (but of course).

Diagnosis: Just one of hundreds or thousands of similar people who just had sufficiently bad karma to come our way. But the fact that there are so many of these people doesn’t alter the fact that Brusseau touts herself as a “past life coach” and claims to be able to do things she can’t explain and much less is actually able to do.

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