Thursday, August 13, 2015

#1434: Jack Burkman

Jack Burkman is a political consultant and the president of Burkman Associates, LLC. He is most famous, however, for (yup, another one) being a rabid anti-gay crusader, and drew some media attention for organizing a protest against the Dallas Cowboys NFL football team after it signed Michael Sam. “We cannot just stand idly by as Christian values and morals are trampled [because a gay man got a job]. We will do whatever we can to preserve family values in this country,” said Burkman (and it’s all about “family values”). “We are losing our decency as a nation,” continued Burkman: “Imagine your son being forced to shower with a gay man. That’s a horrifying prospect for every mom in the country. What in the world has this nation come to?” But he’s not a homophobe, apparently; it’s all about values. Apparently he also boycotted Visa.

The protest was organized by his organization American Decency, which claims to have 3.62 million members.

In February 2014, Burkman claimed to be working on legislation that would prohibit openly gay players in the NFL, a project that quickly engendered some backlash. His argument is that “If the NFL has no morals and no values, then Congress must find values for it.” Apparently guys in the NFL who are, you know, wife beaters or drunk drivers or so on aren’t a value concern, but gay men?

It also seems that Burkman has a … colorful background, but I suppose it’s all in the name of “family values”.

Here is Burkman discussing foreign policy with Frank Gaffney.

Diagnosis: Morally bankrupt, and crazy to boot. He still appears to have some powerful connections, but we really cannot imagine that he’ll retain them for long.


  1. Uh Jack, darling? I've got news for you. I will absolutely guarantee that at some point in middle school or high school you showered with a gay boy and didn't know it. Or is knowing that someone's gay what makes the difference to you?

    It's a really bizarre definition of family values that intends to turn parents against their gay kids.

  2. You should do one about Steven Crowder.