Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#1433: Judy Burges

Judy Burges is a Republican member of the Arizona State Senate and a staunch opponent of evidence, truth and science. Oh, yes – another hysterically insance, incomprehensibly deluded and demented state senator. In April 2014, Burges also traveled to Nevada and showed support for rancher Cliven Bundy (who is not going to get his own entry) in breaking the law because he doesn’t recognize the United States as having any legislative power over him. I stand with them,” Burges said of the Bundy family, but does apparently not wish to extend her support for breaking laws one doesn’t want to follow particularly far.

But we’ll focus on her anti-science efforts. Burges was, with the late Chester Crandell, the sponsor of Senate Bill 1213 of 2013 (co-sponsors Rick Murphy, Steve Pierce, Don Shooter and Steve Yarbrough), the purpose of which was to use an academic freedom” strategy for undermining the teaching of evolution and climate change (as well as “the chemical origins of life” and human cloning), presenting them as scientific controversies” that should allegedly be used to encourage students to develop critical thinking skills (which was of course not the actual purpose and would have been an absolutely silly purpose if it were). Burges said that climate science was her primary concern, complaining of an imbalance in the presentation of climate change – apparently the schools mostly present facts, not the denialist myths Burges prefers to believe. And Burges, of course, wouldn’t recognize critical thinking skills if they hit her in the face.

The bill died in committee, but we don’t expect Burges to give up.

Diagnosis: Yes, it’s an onslaught. Apparently Arizona’s District 22 is crammed with morons who continue to elect demented nitwits like Burges to their State Senate. Stupidity and zeal make her something of a threat to civilization.

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