Friday, May 21, 2010

#19: Nick Begich

Spend enough time trawling through the recesses of crackpot county and you will eventually come across this sort. They are the ur-tinfoil-hatters – the HAARP conspiracy theorists. You know what the real cause of global warming is? And what caused the Yellowstone earthquakes? Or the earthquake in Sichuan, China? Recent volcanic eruptions? You guessed it - HAARP! HAARP is short for the ‘high-frequency active auroral research program’. It is a real program, but the source of what Sharon Weinberger calls ‘the Moby Dick of conspiracy theories’. Not only does the US government apparently use it to disrupt the stability of other countries, shake up terrorists, and cause major power outages, the Gulf War syndrome and the Columbine shootings – they also use it to control the minds of Americans. Proponents trace it back to Tesla. And that should be red flag enough (Tesla-crackpottery is a distinctive subgroup of crackpottery).

Dr. Nick Begich comes from a family of Alaskan politicians (Democrats – Nick Begich sr. was an Alaskan Representative who disappeared mysteriously in the seventies). He is the coauthor of ‘Angels don’t play this HAARP’, and one of the main activists behind the HAARP conspiracy movement. Their website is here. Begich is also featured in several paranormal talks (not for the faint-hearted). This guy is, in short, into whatever lunatic conspiracy theory and quackery you could possibly imagine.

Diagnosis: Utterly unhinged kook, imbecile madman; the HAARP conspiracy itself is surprisingly widespread but remains a fringe phenomenon (except in certain countries). That Nick Begich is considered an authority tells you all you need to know about it.


  1. Your blog is laughable. You don't examine or attempt to refute any evidence here. Noticed how you immediately preface that discussions of the paranormal are "not for the faint-hearted" - implying that they're oh, so insane.

    This blog is clearly a meaningless podium from which the author vents in defense of his or her attachment to the reality the establishment has given us. Anyone who believes things that fall outside of that reality? "Crazy." But let us be rational, professed rationalists, why are they "crazy"? And that's usually where the discussion ends. It is clear that this blog is run by the textbook pseudorationalist. Someone who believes what the establishment has made popular to believe, and ridicules what the establishment ridicules.

    And you think you're the "rational one". It is too funny.

    1. that is way too disciplined an analysis for the monstrous turd that runs this site...I just call him a turd and leave it like that...I usually don't make it past the 'moderation' because a guy that loves to use a blog to launch ad hominem attacks without those he speaks of being available to raise a defense...really really hates it when people come to his universe and call him a monstrous turd...I got here because he was slandering a friend of mine Chris Bollyn who is neither crazy or anti-semitic...he's totally a straight arrow who reports the truth even if he & his family are threatened for it,,,just look at Gary Webb & Joey Casolaro and you know that guys like Boyllyn are genuine American Heros...who don't hide behind avatars and keyboards launching ad hominem attacks but provide sources and confirmation documents to back up the TRUTHS they inform us of

  2. Quite obvious that Nick is deluded and likes the sound of his own voice babbling on and on about his take on HAARP.

  3. Another lunatic. Just like the 2 at the top of this comment section