Monday, May 31, 2010

#26: Rosalie Bertell

That she has updated her Wikipedia page herself in first person (using capslock) is a nice touch, strongly suggesting at least a degree of kookery. And Rosalie Bertell delivers. Now, Bertell has a background in science and cancer research, but at some point she unhinged and drifted off into uncharted territories. She is currently the leading “expert” on the chemtrail conspiracy – the idea that contrails are actually chemicals or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public. Also discussed here. Bertell thinks “chemtrails” are carriers for all kinds of biological and chemical warfare which the government (military) is, for some undisclosed reason, going to drop on ordinary people (apparently the government is at war with Mother Earth, which, according to Bertell, is a living (sentient?) organism). She doesn’t believe the “official story”, that chemtrails are either combating global warming via spraying populated areas with aerosolized metals or aerial pharmacopeia (pollution modification). The fact that the chemtrail phenomenon is a myth makes one wonder who came up with Bertell’s “official story”.

She also explores possible explanations for recent earthquake anomalies (and again the anomalies are not recognized by anyone who knows anything about the issues, which Bertell does not) with the following suggestions: a gamma ray/gravity wave from space? HAARP-induced deep earth tomography (yes, Bertell is into that conspiracy as well)? Or a direct wave weapon, accident or purposeful? She is also very concerned with radiation, electromagnetic and radioactive, and magnetic fields, relying exclusively on anecdotal correlations, hearsay and intuition, and displaying no understanding of the processes or what counts as evidence.

You can listen to her here.

A library of some of her kookiest contributions can be found here.

Bertrell is also a 9/11 troofer (and in general seems to accept every and any conspiracy theory that pits the evil government against noble ordinary people).

She is also a human rights and environmental activist and has done a lot of good in that respect, but her positive contributions are at present blurred with her crackpottery – at some point her environmental concerns turned into complete paranoia, conspiracy mongering and general crankiness.

Diagnosis: Well-intentioned crackpot who has lost the ability to distinguish the scientific method from personal intuition; has a lot of followers, and at present she probably does more harm than good to important causes that she works on.

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  1. Update your loony bin because in 2016, Wikileaks and FOIA reveals US government has been releasing Lithium in the atmosphere and when confronted government affirms. Many conspiracy theories the government and powers at be work so dilligently to discredit have proven true and reveals the reality that the most dangerous enemy to America is our government and citizens who prefer to base their conclusions, not on facts found in or from the primary sources, but based on their opinions and how it makes them feel. The Bush Administration admitted they took advantage of heightened emotion after 9/11, fabricating intelligence to exploit fear and abused trust of Americans to invade Iraq, using US military forces as mercenaries advance western oil corporation agenda. I invite to read OPEC quarterly and annual reports; Wikileaks; Government Archives and visit FBI Vault website. I challenge you to perform your own research and form objective conclusions based primary sources, facts and question the reliability of your sources before stating opinion. And, after reading your blog I guarantee who and what you discover will also afford you new editions or entries to your encyclopedia. I hope you will delve a little deeper, make necessary updates.