Thursday, November 6, 2014

#1201: Jack Thomas

Jack Thomas is (or was) the guy behind The guiding idea behind the site’s content was that well-rounded, satisfied people without emotional issues don’t do political or religious extremism. A “non-normie”, on the other hand, is “[an] adult person who is fueled by intrinsic anger from childhood and is thereafter controlled by hate;” an anger manifested in five “dysfunctional choices”: crime, crutches, cults, causes, and crises. “Crises” denote end-of-the world apocalyptic type stuff; “crutches” are things like alcoholism. And the tenor of the site suggests a somewhat simplistic version of something resembling AA’s 12-step programs.

But that’s on the surface. is, in fact, a front for global warming denialism. According to Thomas, belief in global warming is prima facie evidence of non-normieness because it involves both causes and crises: “Those obsessively promoting this myth are extremely sick emotionally.” And their “crutches” include sexaholism, encompassing homosexuality, transvestitism, and child abuse (lumped together as deviant sexual practices suggesting emotional instability and trauma).

And what he designates as “cults” include virtually anything except traditional Christianity. Indeed, according to Thomas, he “believe[s], contrary to a lot of people, that Satan is a real spiritual person and I have determined that his greatest tool on earth is non-normieism because he is able to control and direct the sinful desires of non-normies through the rudder of their intrinsic anger. Today he is having a field day because of the ever-increasing number of non-normies present on the face of the earth and in ever-escalating positions of their power. As this accelerates, Armageddon cannot be that far off. The only good thing about all this is that it hastens the return of Jesus Christ.” But that suggests neither “cults” nor end-of-the world apocalyptic type stuff, apparently.

His “test” for non-normieness consists of 100 questions that are not particularly scientifically vetted, and resembles more the personality tests associated with Scientology adapted to cater to Thomas’s own biases.

Diagnosis: In 2009 the site appears to have been taken down. Its contents were still so illuminating that Thomas deserves an entry in our Encyclopedia.

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