Tuesday, December 2, 2014

#1225: David Tyree

David Tyree is a former football wide receiver who played in the NFL for seven seasons and got famous for his “helmet catch” in the Giants’ final drive in the 2008 Super Bowl. He’s out of NFL now, and currently uses his career to say stupid shit as part of his campaigns against marriage equality. On the day the New York State Assembly approved a same-sex marriage bill, Tyree warned that the bill’s passage would “be the beginning of our country sliding toward … anarchy” (also here), explaining that “[m]arriage is the only relationship that actually mirrors the relationship with God” (which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever) and that it is not justifiable to alter a long-standing institution “because a minority – an influential minority – has … an agenda,” which I don’t think he really means if he thinks about it twice (or once). Furthermore, “[w]e’re doing God an injustice by not making his heart known to our country,” which is, of course, what matters (gay people go home). And methinks quite a few people before Tyree have made what God’s heart (according to them) tells us known.

Diagnosis: No, you don’t necessarily expect insight and acumen from former NFL players discussing issues they know nothing about, but Tyree did open his mouth, and shit did fall out.

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  1. That grin of his absolutely looks like a "shit eatin' grin" but he is kinda sweet lookin'. But I am worried about all them gay and lesbian anarchists and I think I'm gonna go protest something, somewhere, sometime but not now. I want a beer!