Saturday, December 13, 2014

#1237: Anna & Don Warrick

Anna and Don Warrick are the leaders of the fundamentalist ministry Cadets for Christ, which operates (or at least used to operate) at the Air Force Academy. Some suggest “cult” is a more appropriate term – their tactics are at least cult-like, and includes brainwashing techniques and separating victims from their families or any other factors that could potentially interfere with their mission. The ministry is part of the “shepherding” movement, where females are “sheep” and males “shepherds,” and a woman’s sole purpose in life is to be a good wife and mother, subordinating herself to her male shepherd. No, seriously – take a look at this. One of the Warricks’ main goals is accordingly to prevent women from pursuing careers in the Air Force. Other than that, it is surprisingly hard to find any reliable information about the group.

Diagnosis: Evil. At least that much is clear. Should be watched.

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