Friday, December 5, 2014

#1229: Taylore Vance & Roi Halse

Reiki is woo. Indeed, reiki is faith healing based on a metaphysics strikingly close to Western medieval delusions about how the body works. Reiki is also a rather common form of woo. Thus, it is hardly surprising that you’ll find people out there, like Taylore Vance and Roi Halse, who have put their own individual stamps and spins on reiki. Vance and Halse offer … laser reiki. “In 1994 we discovered additional levels of Reiki healing beyond Masters,” says Vance: “I call Level 4 – Laser Reiki (LR) and Level 5 – Cosmic Energetic Healing (CEH). They are light years ahead of basic Reiki.” LR & CEH heals at “the atomic, sub-atomic, quantum and original creation level. Its impact can in many cases cause the body to instantly heal itself, and the mind and spirit as well.” Indeed, they actually seem to genuinely believe that their claims are even remotely close to making sense.

“In the traditional 3 levels of Reiki you are flowing the god force energy as it flows from the 4th dimension to heal the physical. In other words, you are flowing energy to mass. It works, but it may take several weeks or more to permanently bring wellness to an individual.” It would take someone more patient than us to try to disentangle the misunderstanding embodied in that one, but Vance and Halse continue: “With the use of LR and CEH the energy flows directly from the 6th or higher dimensions directly into the patient’s energy body where it first aligns the energy body with a hologram of perfection. Next, the healing flows naturally into the physical body. In other words, the transfer of healing flows from energy to energy. This is hundreds of times more efficient.” Note that the last claim may be technically true, though not for the reasons they imagine, but despite the fact Vance and Halse don’t have the faintest idea what the terminology they are using really means.

It is all about science: “Science seems to have proven that we are even born with tendencies for disease and problems. These show up imprinted within the cells in three ways: 1) energy blockages from unresolved problems from the past, 2) genetic tendencies from our biological lineage, and 3) those astrological tendencies caused by the birth/conception date.” I guess the cue word here is “seems”, for people like Vance and Halse are apparently able to get anything to seem like anything. Not that they have the faintest clue of how to distinguish science from a monkey with a funny hat. What they do have, however, is one Dr. P. Gutierrez of Ultra-Tek Concepts Research Group (this is the only google hits for that one) with them, and he claims that it really is … science, and that that “the brain is a mere transducer/ computer of Consciousness, Thought & Subtle Energies that are extrinsic to the Mind-Body Complex, the result of which is EMOTIONS, FEELINGS & ATTITUDES,” citing “authorities in the Quantum Healing Paradigm, such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Caroline Myss, Dr. Norman Shealy, Dr. Richard Gerbee [sic], Dr. Bernie Segal [sic!].”

But where are the lasers? Nope. There are no lasers in Laser Reiki. But Vance and Halse apparently do offer ghostbusting.

Diagnosis: Absolutely … amazing. 

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  1. Roi and Taylore are humans that guide us to discover our true self. They dont do the work. We, the students, do the work. We all can clear energy blockages and heal our bodies and muscle test. They are not telling us, in the class, that they are any diffrent than any one else. They share the information as if our lives depend on it, and it does. We are the youniverse. I have been shown the abilities to connect with myself on a level that only knows truth that reaches higher dimensions and feel the oneness of humankind. We are frequencies and multidementional beings that have less limits than we have been told. they teach us how to unlearn the brainwashing and take control of our own human. it feels magical, but all humans have these tools. we just have to know how to use them. Taylore and Roi are very human, very low ego. if you go to the reiki ranch. your ego will be left at the door. HUUUU may your vibe be on point!!!!