Monday, December 15, 2014

#1240: Paul Joseph Watson

Paul Joseph Watson (no relation to the Sea Shepherd guy) is a versatile and tireless reporter for Alex Jones’s PrisonPlanet and InfoWars, and hence responsible for much of the bullshit to be found in rich supply on those websites. In other words, Watson is a staunch supporter of a variety of (mutually inconsistent) conspiracy theories (inconsistency doesn’t matter, apparently, since these people are mostly JAQing off anyways – a favorite trick for avoiding consistency expectations) and an impressive array of pseudoscience and denialist ridiculousness.

It’s difficult to paint a representative picture without giving him more space than he warrants, or to pick highlights, but Watson was for instance instrumental in promoting the conspiracy surrounding John Holdren’s alleged totalitarian global population control scheme (FEMA concentration camps wouldn’t be far behind). And don’t get him started on climate change, Bilderbergers or 9/11, though even Watson thinks the “no plane/hologram” theories are wrong.

At least there are people who think that Watson is an agent for the British royalty and the Knights of Malta (like George Bush) or a “direct descendant of eugenicist Bertrand Russell” (yes, some crucial confusions there), and they may, indeed, be worth a read if you like a break from coherence or appealing web designs.

Diagnosis: Amply paranoid addlebrain. He is pretty tireless, though, and has made some impressive contributions to clogging up the Internet with bullshit.


  1. Watson, like his boss Alex Jones, has a tinfoil hat hermetically sealed to cover his unfortunately empty cranium. It would be unintentionally funny, until you realize just how many addlepated followers that Jones and Watson have managed to attract.

  2. I also recommend South Carolina "white nationalist" Roan García Quintana for an entry in the Encyclopedia of American Loons.