Saturday, January 3, 2015

#1250: Cisco Wheeler

A.k.a. Linda Johnson or Linda Anderson

Cisco Wheeler (not her real name, but it is unclear what the real name is – Linda Johnson or Anderson has been suggested) is the co-author of The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave as well as some other books (Behold a White Horse, which consists mostly of random Bible verses) about trauma-based conditioning, which made a rather significant impact on the fringier parts of the conspiracy community in the 1990s. She is, according to herself, a mind control victim of one of the Illuminati families – she is a descendant of Ulysses S. Grant – but has managed to gain a degree of freedom from her family’s control over her. Apparently her “father came from a transgenerational satanic family,” was a 33rd degree freemason, and Wheeler was accordingly trained in sexual activity from a young age by him, Dwight Eisenhower, various governors, the British Royal Family, and, most importantly, Joseph Mengele (yes, him), and her writings contain vivid accounts of the Satanic torture and black magic she imagines having been subjected to when she was younger. Apparently the Illuminati won’t hesitate to kill anyone who veers from their plan, yet Wheeler managed to escape – though she is still harassed by voices in her head and strangers at the grocery store. When asked why the Illuminati use mind control over their children, Wheeler jas produced some rather incoherent answers: “[T]he sole purpose – at the deepest layer of the system – lies mothers. They are the foundation. You have three mothers who are on a pedestal – their sole purpose is to rule and reign with the antichrist as his queen when he takes his throne. As god has a bride, so lucifer has a bride, and that bride is the mothers of darkness. That is the bottom line.” So there you go.

She is currently working with Fritz Springmeier to help other victims of mind control heal, which sounds like a no-win scheme. You can read her interview with one Wayne Morris here. And no, her story doesn’t even begin to add up, but that will probably not matter much to her target audience.

Diagnosis: If you think you have the types of problems that Wheeler and Springmeier offer to help you with, then you probably do need help – but Wheeler and Springmeier are also probably among the last people on Earth you should seek out for that help.


  1. you absolute uneducated blind fool ! Do some research before you judge people so viciously and just for the record Fritz and Cisco are great people and have helped many many people escape/cope with illuminati/satanic abuse .

  2. Yeah, its clear that this is a lie, wheeler is her real name as she is descendent of former cheif joints of staff, general wheeler ...all lying agents are pussies, double agents, none of you agents are worth a fuck

  3. People like you ought to be taken into a temple and sacrificed, but even then you would probably deny its existence
    lucifer would not want a pathetic worm like you though.