Monday, January 26, 2015

#1271: Jeremiah Wright

Deliverance minister Win Worley, who used to claim that oral sex demons “reside in the mouth, lips, tongue, taste buds, throat, sex organs and the mind” (search him out on youtube) is apparently dead, which is a pity since he was jolly good fun. Still, in terms of sheer crazy, Worley wouldn’t hold a candle to David Wozney. Wozney is a creationist. In fact, Wozney is – how to put it – a dinosaur denialist and a moon landing denialist. Among other things. Those “other things” unfortunately also seems to include “Canadian”, so he is disqualified. He still needed to be mentioned, however, because he seems to have been the inspiration for this one (whatever else you do today, and if you haven’t done so before, read that one.) The Cyndy Kenickell in question is, apparently, not only a dinosaur denialist, but has her own conspiracy theory about them: dinosaurs were invented to support birth control.

A long but necessary introduction, this, to an otherwise relatively short entry. Jeremiah Wright is an abysmally lunatic dingbat preacher and Pastor Emeritus of Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC). Wright would probably have lingered in obscurity were it not for his connection to the Obamas (which was almost as tight as the Bush connection to the Moonies) – TUCC used to be their group, and it took an uncanny amount of time before the Obamas severed all ties to Wright and kicked him out of certain positions of power to which he was initially appointed. Of course, wingnut media was all over the Obama-Wright connection and usually focused on the wrong aspects of Wright’s ideological positions, but they were, indeed, very much right that Wright is a severe lunatic.

Indeed Wright is a proponent of virtually every looney conspiracy theory available. For instance, according to Wright (in one of his infamous and much-reported sermons) [t]he government lied about Pearl Harbor too. They knew the Japanese were going to attack.” And not only that, Wright believes that the US government themselves invented the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color” (here, for instance).

And, of course, when Obama severed his ties to Wright, Wright promptly blamed the Jews. Yes, that’s right. At present, Obama is in the grip of the Jewish conspiracy. In the case of things happening that you don’t like, blame those things on the inherent evils and moral inferiority of a minority. That has always worked so well in the past. Dimly realizing some problems here Wright later attempted to apologize, but the apologies were predictably feeble.

Diagnosis: Zealous and moronic conspiracy theorist. His influence is, in fact, and as opposed to the beliefs of some wingnut conspiracy theorists, fairly limited. But that doesn’t make him any less moronic.


  1. "...the beliefs of some wingnut conspiracy theorists...." Ya mean RIGHT Wing, naturally.

    Right Wing conspiracy wingnuts = EEEEEVIL
    Left Wing conspiracy wingnuts = GODLINESS

  2. That you left out "Fr." Fleger, is more proof, of how Leftist ,and one-sided you are.