Tuesday, January 6, 2015

#1252: Keith Wiebe

Keith Wiebe is the president of the American Association of Christian Schools, a wingnut fundie, Tennessee-based organization that functions as an umbrella for conservative Protestant Christian schools across the country for the purpose e.g. of (their own system of) accreditation. The organization is committed to a Taliban-inspired curriculum, and members must sign a Statement of Faith based on biblical literalism, creationism, and rejection of ecumenism. Nonetheless, AACS member schools enroll and try to ruin the lives and minds of over 100,000 students.

The AACS has, of course, an active lobbying program in Washington focusing on current federal and state legislative proposals in the areas it describes as “education, religious liberty, pro-family issues, and pro-life issues.”

In 2002 then president Carl D. Herbster was one of the evangelical Christian leaders who signed the “Land letter” to President Bush, outlining their theological support for a pre-emptive invasion of Iraq as a just war, a rather revealing attempt of motivated reasoning.

As for Wiebe, he likes to call himself a “Dr.” but his degree is a fake degree from Bob Jones University (BJU). He is presently also a pastor of Grace Gospel Church in Huntington, West Virginia; President of the West Virginia Christian Education Association; and a member of the Board of Trustees of BJU. The group’s executive director Jeff Walton also calls himself “Dr.” but it turns out that his degrees are merely nonsense degrees from unaccredited institutions as well. Funny that.

Diagnosis: Sworn enemies of truth, reason and human decency, Wiebe and his gang are rotten to the core of their beings. They nevertheless wield a lot of power, which they use in zealous efforts to turn the US into a theocratic country modeled on Afghanistan anno 1995. 


  1. Now that you're on “W", can you please profile Kevin Williamson, a National Review writer who believes women who have abortions should be hanged.

    1. Yeah, I thought about Williamson. Thing is, his hanging comment is hateful and crazy, but not backed up by any reasoning whatsoever (and hence no fallacious reasoning).

      To be perfectly honest, though, I feel like skipping him because of political reasons - I've covered a large number of rightwing pundits already, and in order not to look too political ... well, Williamson is indeed crazy, but not quite *as* crazy or anti-science as many others.

      I'll keep him in mind for round 3, though.

  2. Also, don't forget Rick Wiles. I'm not sure if he isn't a brilliant stealth parody or not.