Friday, October 2, 2015

#1478: David Conn

Another day, another disastrously insane wingnut. David Conn is a self-proclaimed expert on Jim Jones and his Jonestown cult. His novel contribution, however, is his declaration that President Obama is the reemergence of the Jones Cult mentality on a grand national level.” As he explained to Rick Wiles, who promptly invited him to his show to explain the details (yes, Conn is the kind of guy that passes as “expert” in these kinds of places): First off,” according to Conn, Jones captured the media and Obama captured the media. Jones had a strange childhood,” and similarly Obama also had a very strange childhood. You know, a father deserted the child when he two years old. Obama’s only father figure was a terribly nasty old man, a pornographer and a child molester and a cocaine user who was an avowed communist,” namely Frank Marshall Davis. According to Conn, “it’s pretty well established that Frank Marshall Davis was the one that got Obama into cocaine. And also, both of them, Jones and Obama, had a background of community organizing.” Can’t argue with that, can you?

More importantly, though, Obama is a leader of a massive cult himself. He’s the leader of the cult and the cult is Islam and he leads it by way of being its major Western world defender,” and he’s leading America to cultural suicide. He’s accordingly far more dangerous than Jones, because already what’s going on has caused, I think, enormous amounts of people who have just lost everything they’ve had and who knows how many suicides.”

Diagnosis: The comparison is, indeed, telling – it doesn’t say much about Obama, of course, but quite a bit about what kind of hysterically insane delusions certain loons on the far right is currently trying to mainstream.

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