Friday, October 16, 2015

#1492: Paul Craft

Paul Craft is a wingnut activist writing for Alan Keyes’ Renew America. That should actually cover things pretty decently, but I suppose I cannot help but mention his perhaps most celebrated contribution to the website, a 2013 article arguing that those states that want to ban same-sex marriage should just secede from the United States because God will bless them if they do. Also, though he didn’t have space to emphasize this in his article, look how well that worked last time. In fact, his argument, that “[i]f a new nation is formed under the Laws given down by God and the values passed down by our forefathers, this new nation will be blessed,” was in fact precisely an argument used during the Civil War as well. He doesn’t specify the extent to which he actually want to use the laws of the Bible as the constitutional foundation for these seceded states.

Diagnosis: These people actually wield some influence over the crazy. And there are apparently a lot of crazies.

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