Thursday, October 22, 2015

#1498: Janice Shaw Crouse

Yes, more anti-gay lunacy. Janice Shaw Crouse is a Senior Fellow at the Beverly LaHaye Institute, the think tank serving Concerned Women for America, no less. Much tanking; little thinking, unless you count using hate and rage to fuel one’s persecution imaginations “thinking”.

At least, evidence’s got nothing to do with what Crouse is engaged in. According to Crouse, “the data overwhelmingly says” that homes headed by same-sex couples “are not as good for children.” Of course, the data say exactly the opposite, but that’s presumably an anti-Christian conspiracy. Hence, according to Crouse, gay parents are using children as “guinea pigs”; also gays have a much shorter life span, much higher suicide and STD rates, do not maintain relationships for longer than a year and a half, increased rates of abuse and have multiple sexual partners – all of it based on data pulled from the same nowhere from which she pulled her data on the effect on children (Richard Cohen is a suspect). Then there are the usual conspiracies. Gay marriage will lead to the “imprisonment” of Christians, says Crouse, suggesting instead that we look to the bright and shining example of Russia (who managed to withstand both Napoleon and Hitler, she reminds us, presumably as opposed to the US or UK) and Uganda, whose draconian anti-gay measures she defended with moral relativism – since that allowed her to also critizie Obama’s denunciation of said laws as being tyrannical cultural imperialism – rather than her usual appeal to God’s eternal, unchanging laws. Intellectual honesty is apparently of the devil.

But it’s not all about gay marriage, of course. Gender equality is another recurring target for Crouse’s paranoid delusions. For instance, the Violence Against Women Act is apparently an insidious program to brainwash judges into becoming pro-decency and equal-worth activists. To really see her go over the rails, however, you can try to watch her argue that “sexual revolution” and “no-fault-divorce” is creating a “boyz-n-hood dystopia”. That’s right. Abortion, sex-ed and anti-poverty measures are to blame for children born outside of marriage, and this is evident to “anyone who will face the realities that are evident should one take a risky drive into certain neighborhoods of our cities.” Which she would certainly never do herself. It would, though, be interesting to see her try to explain the causal mechanisms (she doesn’t, of course).

It is, though, with some resignation she concludes that “perhaps the jihadists are right” about the weakness of the Pro-LGBT decadent West.

Diagnosis: Insane, delusional and fundamentally intellectually bankrupt and dishonest liar. She does seem to carry some influence, but frankly: to be influenced by Janice Shaw Crouse’s rantings, you need to share her characteristic intellectual traits.

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