Monday, October 7, 2013

#742: Carl Hangee-Bauer

Carl Hangee-Bauer, ND, Lac (yes, “doctor” of naturopathic medicine, and an acupuncturist) is the president of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. He is, of course, convinced that his enterprise is thoroughly scientific, primarily because he would like it to be, it seems. When he claims, for instance, that allergies are due to “Wei Qi Deficiency” or detonification of “Lung and Spleen Qi”, and requires “tonifying” (no idea), it is a little hard to see the connection to science or any observed aspect of reality. Furthermore “licensed acupuncturists can,” according to Hangee-Bauer, “use thermography to detect slight temperature variations which reflect disturbances in the flow of Qi and blood,” which makes one wonder how licensed acupuncturists do this better than unlicensed ones.

Hangee-Bauer also promotes bio-therapeutic drainage, a form of detoxification woo, with more magic and mystery than most detox therapies. On of his partners, Erika Horowitz, explains “use in my practice is the use of UNDA numbers, which are unique combinations of liquid homeopathic formulas founded on the theories of Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and anthroposophy.” But of course homeopathy had to rear its head in there as well, and Horowitz doesn’t even attempt to pretend she is doing anything but medieval alchemy and sorcery. What are UNDA numbers? “UNDA numbers consist of homeopathically prepared low-dose combinations of plants and minerals.” Indeed.

It doesn’t stop Hangee-Bauer from bragging about the scientific nature of it all.

Diagnosis: Possibly severely self-deluded, but in any case a thorough crackpot, and a rather dangerous one.

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