Monday, October 21, 2013

#764: Laurie Higgins

The lack of a proper press
photo is a familiar problem
when it comes to this rather
shadowy, elusive creature

Laurie Higgins is a spokesperson for the Illinois Family Institute and an unrepentant, hatefilled bigot. Of course, you sort of know what to expect from someone like this. “I don’t think there is a greater threat to First Amendment speech and religious liberty in America today than that posed by the homosexual agenda,” says Higgins. How so? Well people criticize Higgins, and if more reasonable people criticizing her and calling her out as a bigot is not a violation of her religious liberty, then what is? Therefore, Higgins has called for a boycott of the Day of Silence, since protests against the bullying of homosexuals are ungodly. And also a violation of Higgins’s first amendment rights, which seem to be viewed as two sides of the same coin. Of course, there is also a conspiracy. Higgins agrees with Linda Harvey that homosexuality is, indeed, a choice, and that “homosexual activists” are covering up that fact to serve their agenda. But at least Higgins assures us that the Family Institute is all about diversity and choice: everyone should be allowed to live the way Higgins wants them to live, and parents should be allowed to prevent their children from being exposed to people who have different views and opinions than themselves (i.e. Higgins).

Somewhat disconcertingly, Higgins has gradually emerged as one of the most central figures in the anti-gay movement. She was, for instance, an “instructor” at Peter LaBarbera’s 3 Days of Hate. Her first talk at the conference was “Using reason and logic in answering pro-homosexuality arguments”; one looks in vain for Higgins herself applying reason and logic in her own “arguments”, but suspects that she isn’t really sufficiently familiar with reason and logic to be able to distinguish reason and logic from incoherent ranting. Her second talk was “Corrupting children, politicizing schools: the homosexual youth agenda”, and that, I believe, need no further explanation.

She is also on the record trying to rewrite history (in rather breathtaking ways) to reflect her fancies.

Diagnosis: A really unpleasant human being, Higgins’s misunderstandings of how the world hangs together, or how concepts, and common decency connect together may admittedly be viewed as bizarrely fascinating. Higgins is extremely dangerous, though. 


  1. She wasn't particularly happy about Illinois legalizing gay marriage, and refused to back down without engaging in a thoroughly insane and nonsensical rant.

  2. Having apparently lost the war, the bigots seem to try to pick smaller battles. For instance, against the University of Notre Dame's recognition of an LGBT group. Higgins was predictably disappointed and warned of "eternal" consequences and claiming that in recognizing its LGBT students, Notre Dame might as well affirm “other sin predispositions” like incest or pedophilia, based on the fact that she is stupid, hateful, bigoted and pathologically unable to recognize relevant distinctions. Here she weighs in on the Grammys, which according to Higgins was “a gawdy[sic] spitball hurled in the all-seeing eye of a holy God.”

    As expected Higgins has advocated the adoption of Russian anti-gay laws in the US.

    Among the most breathtaking instances of desperate stupidity on the Internet, she has also tried to argue that allowing gay marriage is as wrong as banning interracial marriage. She ... stumbles a bit when trying to elaborate on that one.