Thursday, October 17, 2013

#756: David Hedrick

David W. Hedrick is a failed congressional candidate for the tea party who achieved a modicum of youtube fame after a combative tirade at a town hall meeting in the summer of 2009, where he was caught angrily yelling for a U.S. congressman to “stay away from my kids,” and for vehemently charging that Nancy Pelosi should be checking her sleeve for Nazi insignia.

His political views are nicely laid out in his children’s book The Liberal Claus(e): Socialism on a Sleigh, a fable about Santa Claus being deposed in a rigged vote by Barack Obama, who installs his evil cronies Pelosi, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, as some kind of head elves. Then all the elves are forced to join an evil labor union, and they ship free candy canes to all the children to get them to accept their evil regime. The book also takes up what Hedrick considers some of the most serious threats to civilization, including what he considers the scam of global warming and the possibility that Obama may allegedly not have been born in the US.

Diagnosis: Hysterically insane, but in a way that seems to be all too common. There are plenty, plenty of people like this out there.

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