Sunday, October 20, 2013

#761: Eva Herr

The death of pothead pseudohistorian Jack Herer unfortunately disqualified a very promising candidate for an entry in our Encyclopedia. Herer’s would have been a much more interesting entry that that of fluffmonger Eva Herr.

Eva Herr is in any case a “Certified Alternative Holistic Counselor,” Medical Intuitive, author (for instance of the book Agape: The Intent of the Soul), speaker, and radio show host (“The Infinite Consciousness”, on something called BBS Radio). Her website repeatedly states that her holistic counseling is certified, but it is left very unclear who certified it. She seems to like to flaunt her association with Christine Page (president of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine and author of Spiritual Alchemy, known as the “mystical physician”), Norm Shealy, and Burton Goldberg, which would not be particularly confidence inspiring to anyone who cared about accountability, truth, evidence, or actually helping the sick.

Her main schtick appears to be how one can reach a heightened state of health through various vague, spiritual exercises or having particular attitudes. She also provides you with various supplements, since according to Herr “For every(!) disease, there is an underlying nutritional deficiency, address the deficiency – heal the disease!” To back up her views she has – you guessed it – testimonials. After all, since she is a “medical intuitive” she doesn’t need evidence or any otherwise reliable tests to provide recommendations to her patients.

Diagnosis: Hardly a mover or shaker among the hardcore woo promoter, she nevertheless makes a contribution to denialism and anti-science. Must be considered moderately dangerous.

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