Sunday, March 24, 2013

#480: Tom Bearden

Thomas E. Bearden is a legend in Tesla circles and the Free Energy pseudoscience community, including its (inevitably, given their revisionary views on the laws of physics) conspiracy theories, and he is – truth to be told – one of the most intensely unhinged crackpots to have walked the face of the earth.

Bearden is a “physicist” with no formal training, though he claims to have received a doctorate for “life experience and for life accomplishment.” That doctorate is from Trinity College and University, a British institution with no building, campus, faculty, or president, and is run from a post office box in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Bearden is well known as an inventor, and was the guy behind the “Motionless electromagnetic generator”, a device that claims over-unity operation, which would violate the first law of thermodynamics (the purported mechanism is based on the theory of electromagnetic fields, which Bearden evidently does not understand). Allegedly, the device could eventually sustain its operation in addition to powering a load without application of external electrical power, by extraction of vacuum energy from the immediate environment. No prototype has (unsurprisingly) been produced, even though Bearden predicted it would roll off the production lines in 2002. He has also invented a cure for all major diseases, but this is kept hidden from the public by the strenuous efforts of corporations and governments.

As for the conspiracies, Bearden has written extensively on a number of free energy technologies which he claims have been available for some time but are actively suppressed by government or private interests, including “the Japanese”, J.P. Morgan, and “a nuclear power plant consortium”. This one seems pertinent. Judging from his website, Bearden is also into HIV denalism, magical woo healing devices, and post-Soviet KGB collaborations with the Japanese government to shoot down American planes and manipulate weather and so on.

His most important discovery, apparently, is a hole in the theory of relativity: the viewpoint change represented by a shift of a reference-frame has real physical implications, Bearden thinks: by simply switching reference frames to one in which there is more energy, we can get energy (it is, of course, dressed up in fancier-sounding gobbledygook). So free energy is abundantly available: just shift perspectives. The idea is critically evaluated here.

Guess whether Bearden is fond of the Galileo gambit.

Bearden’s fanbase is enormous, including (as a small sample) Richard Hoagland, Xavier Borg (to be covered), Jeane Manning, Sara Summers & Vic Taylor, and one Billy Morgan. Indeed, you won’t walk the strange abysses of pseudoscience long before you encounter Bearden’s name.

Diagnosis: Possibly the ultimate crackpot, the every-element-of-critical-thinking-shortcomings and Dunning-Kruger rolled into one, the kind who – as opposed to creationists – actually test their ideas and exclaims “it works” when it fails miserably. Bearden has plenty influence among a particular group of people, but is probably relatively harmless even so.


  1. I see a shill where I see one. Thomas Bearden is not one of them. The people that have formed this disinformation in the form of this website are the true shills. Those professionals whom are dissatisfied with the present electrodynamics are pleased to accept the comprehensive theory's that T.E.Bearden represents. For it shows the many flaws in our present understanding of classical electrodynamics & he consistently shows where they exist & providing the reference material to show it.
    Throughout his many publications, he shows the history of electrical engineering from Tesla, Hertz, Maxwell, Heaviside, Barret, Sakarov, Baum, Arranov, Moray to name a few, along with his personal associations to this day. To quote him: "They are trying to turn science into a religion - You can do anything you want! It may take you a lifetime to achieve it, but nature has been most kind"
    Now, does that sound like a deceiver? Those whom are truly interested should study this, instead upon relying on lazy liar's.

    1. I agree, These sites are nauseating, commerce is king, science is dead, I see it as a build it at home and live free and "shut up" situation, agenda 21 lives on and morphes, it was there when he started alerting us to the "Russian woodpecker".

  2. Are you curious about over-unity concepts, forgotten Tesla experiments and future-forward electricity generation concepts?

    Watch any of the 33 discs in the "Energy from the Vacuum" documentary series. Very watchable and seeing real video of Bedini's inventions is unbeatable.

  3. You say
    "a device that claims over-unity operation, which would violate the first law of thermodynamics"

    The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy can be converted from one form to another.

    So the the wise guy that wrote this clearly doesn't know the most basic part of the 1st law.

    We all know you can set up action reaction in the same direction and so one can get more and more kinetic energy by having a magnet move steel balls, until the steel ball has so much kinetic energy it breaks as it hits the magnet at the end of the rail.
    So if we say the first ball starts with .1unit kinetic energy and ends up breaking at somewhere around 50 x that .1unit kinetic energy then the system is Over unity!

    A basic toy that show over unity!
    When will people GET IT this
    It sound like this person has not even looked at what Tom & others have done and just love to talk b.s.!

    1. You put energy into the steel balls when you set it up. Take a basic physics class.

  4. I should make it clear, a magnet railgun shows momentum is conserved, that is,
    one steel ball stops dead after the collision, with the magnet, the other 3 steel balls on the other side of the magnet are held by the magnets field, as they transfer their momentum to a 4th steel ball that is held with the least of the magnets field being at a farther distance away from the magnet, the 4th ball will continue away with almost all the momentum from the first steel ball and in the same direction.
    So action reaction in opposite direction does happen, as the first ball stops dead, and 4th ball continues away.
    The rail gun system shows that all the balls move in the same direction and add to their kinetic energy as each set of magnet/balls momentum is transferred over and over again until the ball or magnet breaks apart.

    The Tom Bearden Motionless Electromagnetic Generator does show over-unity but not in the way people think of that word, yes the input switching power/energy is lower than the output power/energy, BUT this is because the unit gets more input from the magnet field over and over again after it starts, and people don't look at that kind of input, so it is only over-unity when one looks at the input at the start only, and not at the perment magnet field input going on the whole time after one starts the generator.

    So the unit is not an isolated system, (Em field)... And no energy is created or destroyed, just transferred from one form to another, and inputed from the open environment of Em and The first law is totally fine!

    It's good to keep in mind that when the science world uses the word over-unity they really mean when you measure ALL the input to the system be it open or closed, it can't have more output than input and we all know that's true, but that is not the case when we don't measure all the input correctly, and that my friends has nothing to do with any law in physics at all just how we understand the input measurement of the system in question!

    1. What is NOT BS is that:

      Bearden is not a physicist and his Phd claims alone, along with the dubious nature of post office box degrees, is proof positive he's a kook....

      No one in any position of repute in the scientific community endorses his bizarre theories and the whole idea that we'd live in a world with free energy except for a coverup by evil corporations is absurd. There are far too many scientists and they would be lined up around the block to research this if there were an iota of truth behind this.

    2. >they would be lined up around the block to research this if there were an iota of truth behind this.

      Not if they are all possessed of the preconception that it is a waste of their time to even try. Factor in blanket denial, peer-pressure, hubris, concern for one's reputation, and you get a culture in which no one will touch the subject with a ten foot pole.

    3. Whether he is a kook or not, all the hit pieces on him have the exact same style of attacking him instead of letting their science speak for itself. Picking one item of his lengthy and distinguished credentials without listing the rest is dishonest at least and low down for sure.
      It adds validity that someone is out to get him and his group.

    4. This man is no quack, in fact he turns out to be a genius. The type of people who discredit his theories are the greedy corporations and government who are ran by corp only looking to turn max profit ,and the same type of people who think the genius and one of the most intelligent and creative scientists and inventors in history Tesla was quack that didn't know anything. Well look how Tesla turned out. He was doubted the whole time he was alive almost and some of his best inventions to this day are still suppressed by the government who went in and stole his stuff when he died penniless alone in his small apartment, and this was the man who we can give credit for taking us out of the dark ages with gas lanterns and putting us into the modern age with his AC generator. And to top ot off he gave it to GE for free because they were to cheap to pay the man royalty's and he just wanted mankind to be improved.

  5. All the different free energy devices I have been following for years non of them have actually proven out, something always comes up.
    The simple fact if some one made a free energy device that worked they would be driving an electric car , their house would be running on the device and within a month all their family, friends and neighbours would be running on them and the next month all the people that those people know would be installing the device. In 6 months the waiting list to get one would be a year.

    1. I understand your statement but you do not understand the fact that the powers that be will not allow that to happen. I worked as a research technician on hydrogen fuel cells in early 2000. The company I worked for developed a home unit the size of a refrigerator that made heat hot water and electricity with no pollution. When it had been thoroughly tested and ready to go into the manufacturing stage in stepped Exxon Mobile and brought out the company. Within thirty days all employees were out of a job and had to sign non disclosure agreements because this device threatened the financial base of our giant corporations. This is my first hand experience. The company was Energy Partners and was located in West Palm Beach FL. To this day I have not seen these units for sale in the US although similar but less efficient unite are sold to home owners in Japan.

  6. Hi rob,

    Sorry to hear about 'all the different free energy devices' you've been following 'for years'. As hard as I find that to believe I definitely want to help you since you seem like an honest & sincere skeptic.

    I myself have been engaging in an ongoing dialogue with the well-known energy skeptic Eric Krieg after I learned that he had viciously attacked audio inventor genius John Bedini. I had just completed building an energizer with the famed school girl circuit as per Bedini's publicly released patents. My incarnation of his invention worked just fine and still does to this day! In the mean time his arm's-length company R*nasissanc* Charge LLC has begun selling commercialized versions of his inventions, this is all in around 2007. They're a busy business still today.

    If you're serious about learing if overunity is a real thing beyond the obvious machinations of the universe (which coheres & emits galactic sized amounts of energy with no pollution) then start with the radiant pulse-charged energizer concept invented by John Bedini. When you've gotten a grasp of the basics and you're ready for more, not only are there builder groups out there online but Bedini also hosts conventions a few times a year. Yes, I said conventions, that means a large hotel, not his grandma's basement.
    And finally, when you have enough money and time dare I say, you'll take your house off the grid in the blink of an eye.

    Also, somebody previously mentioned the Energy From the Vacuum documentary series - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED watching! The 2nd disc is dedicated to John Bedini.

  7. Where are all these free energy devices then. Where can I go see one, in use, in situ and analyse it?

    1. Look up Bedini S.G. (school girl) motor, download the plans & build one. If you have a bicycle wheel, some wood and a couple of 12 volt batteries, it'll cost less than $40 to build it exactly to spec.
      That is the simplest way I can think of to get direct, hands on experience with some of this tech. I did it and though I didn't have the money at the time to get to new batteries, the really crappy, used car batteries I put into the system improved dramatically, I got somewhere between .97 and .99 C.O.P. While that's not over-unity, it's pretty damn impressive. There were also effects that I've never seen before, such as the batteries dropping in temp. while being charged. That claim alone should get a few skeptics foaming at the mouth.


  9. Hey, someone is claiming they are using the Bearden modified magnetic wankel generator to make cheap Bitcoins! Muahahahaha!

  10. Tom is ahead of the establishment scientists and is telling us some truth. Free energy is real today as it was in 1926 when Dr. Henry Moray demonstrated his free electricity generator.

    If only Henry had known that we are traveling over 2 million miles per hour through space might he have figured out where the free energy was coming from? Here's a link to a technical explanation of it

    The Four Elements of Free Energy

  11. Today, 7 years after this forum started and 1 year after the last comment, I come to announce to you that free energy devices are ready for sale by a Mexican scientist, and even very cheap. In my opinion all comments made by physicists and nonphysicists have forgotten that electronic technology has developed to the fullest in recent years, which T.barden and other early inventors have lacked. There was also a lack of culture here, this scalar energy thing was invented some 200 years ago by a Russian named Lakovsky, who in 1830 cured Toberculosis with it, the German Carl Schappelle produced free energy in 1937, him was summoned by Hitler to expose his project then sent to Vril society to put it into practice, there was an accident in which Schappelle died and 60 other people assisting him in building flying saucers with such powerful energy (see Haunebu Wikipedia) This free energy consists of the disruption of the Aether subatomic particle that travels at twice the speed of light, since it is tightened, it increases to several thousand times emitting gravitational rings and radiant and magnetic energy capable of propelling the flying saucer at the speed of light. more time-space light and absolute protection. All this is now easy with the new electronic technology designed for Robotica