Monday, March 25, 2013

#482: Paul Begley

Here’s theologian Paul Begley reading from the Book of Revelation and providing evidence that the end times are near. It isn’t his first rant on the matter; Begley has a relatively substantial youtube presence, and each one is a slightly more unhinged attempt at shoehorning non-existence evidence into service for an incoherent hypothesis, than the previous. This one, for instance. (In fact, you’ll find plenty here). At least he takes a not particularly convincing stab at explaining why Harold Camping’s prophecies was wrong, followed by an observation that the comet Elenin is coming, so the end must be very near – we’re talking a few years, maybe three. But no specific date can be given, for that would make Begley look like a fool, just like Harold Camping.

In his daily life Paul Begley is a preacher at the Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, Indiana. According to his website “Paul recently expanded the ministry by tapping into the media of the Internet. This tool has allowed him to reach out internationally with the message of
salvation and the Bible Prophecy. Salvations have increased exponentially and it is intriguing to anticipate what the next move of God will be.” (I don’t think he knows what “exponentially” means).

Diagnosis: Superloon. His following is probably limited, but from the comments on his youtube videos it looks as if some people are actually listening to the rubbish that falls out of his mouth.

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