Monday, March 25, 2013

#481: Jim Beers

Mario Beauregard is one of the foremost combatants in the war on science (after the delusional Michael Egnor), in the particular field of neuroscience; Beauregard is a defender of non-materialistic neuroscience because he has a religious dog in the fight, and promptly fails to understand what rejecting substance dualism entails or not. But Beauregard is Canadian, and hence excluded from our Encyclopedia.

Jim Beers, on the other hand, is a retired U.S Fish and Wildlife special agent, and a true dingbat. He’s critical of his former employer, opining that the Fish and Wildlife Service has failed in their mission because they’ve become all about saving wildlife rather than exploiting it. And why, pray, has this happened? “Once they started hiring women and minorities, the service went from managing the land and wildlife to saving all the animals and habitats.” Ah, yes.

He has also claimed that the Endangered Species Act is illegal and unconstitutional. Basically, it seems, he’s enraged that he cannot shoot whatever he wants whenever he wants, and it is the fault of women and minorities (and the reason he cannot possibly be wrong about his assumptions concerning sustainable management is that some of the people disagreeing with him are black. And women). He’s covered here.

So his general morale seems to be: if your dog gets killed by a wolf, blame the women and the blacks.

Diagnosis: Abhorrently critically-thinking-challenged crank. Hopefully he belongs to a disappearing breed, but one suspects that his species is tougher than one may have hoped. 

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