Friday, June 7, 2013

#585: Felipe Coronel

A.k.a. Immortal Technique

Felipe Coronel, better known as Immortal Technique, is an underground rapper and conspiracy theorist. Despite his left-wing activism he is apparently on pretty good terms with Alex Jones, and certainly shares much of the latter’s notorious paranoia. Coronel has for instance endorsed New World Order conspiracies and 9/11 conspiracies (if you really want to, you can see him discuss the latter with Alex Jones here). Coronel’s lunacy on these issues hence provides an unfortunate contrast to his otherwise admirable contributions to the human project.

And yes, the Coronel’s lunacy is pretty much off the charts; not even Alex Jones has, to my knowledge, tried to argue that “The Illuminati grew stronger after Jesus died for our sins.” The idea of “genetically engineered HIV,” which Coronel attributes to rightwing politicians, freemasons and Satanic Illuminati agents (that’s apparently one single group), is more mainstream, as is his ideas of mind control through MKULTRA. Evidence? Coronel can make it rhyme. That seems to be convincing enough to many, and his UK fan website, for instance, reads as a slightly less coherent version of

Diagnosis: Batshit crazy. He does good stuff as well, to be sure, but it is not clear that his positive efforts aren’t, in the long run, pretty much undermined by his crazy.

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  1. Do you always post your opinion and state It as fact, without deriving any information on your subject whatsoever, doing any scientific research, or making one single footnote or bibliography? Do you ever make an opposing argument after attempting to bash someone's personal, philosophical, and/or political views? Which by the way, immortal technique is not leftist, for the record, which brings me back to the point of investigative and scientific research (which is apparent you've never heard of). Or are you simply attempting to spread disinformation for whatever reason?