Thursday, June 13, 2013

#594: Daniel C. Criswell

Keep ‘em coming. Daniel C. Criswell is yet another creationist associated with the Institute for Creation Research, and just like the recently covered Charles Creager, he qualifies for an entry primarily through his contribution to the Answers Research Journal, the house journal of Answers in Genesis. To Vol. 2 Criswell contributed the bizarre article “A Review of Mitoribosome Structure and Function Does not Support the Serial Endosymbiotic Theory”, a review of the literature on the serial endosymbiotic theory (SET) (one that creationists have tried to criticize before), before suddenly pulling out irreducible complexity, therefore God, at the end. The justification for the latter move seems to be: see, I know the literature; therefore what I pull out of my ass must be taken seriously as well.

He has also written vol.3 of Science Education Essentials, a creationist curriculum supplement series that “covers” vital topics in the various science disciplines from a thoroughly biblical viewpoint (vol.3 is “Human heredity: teacher supplement”), which is directed at the homeschooling market, and which again illustrates the fact that creationists are most concerned with getting Jesus to children, not to engage in scientific research.

Diagnosis: Same as always. Really.

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