Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#614: Brennan Dean

Being less crazy than Ken Ham is a poor measure for rationality. Brennan Dean gets that far, but only barely, and is pretty far away from seeing the light at the cave opening. Dean is a fundamentalist crazy and young earth creationist, and the founder of Great Homeschool Conventions Inc, an organization for people who keep their children out of public schools to avoid them being exposed to truth, reason and tolerance, and evolution.

Dean and his organization is perhaps most familiar to readers for disinviting Ken Ham, the grand man of young earth creationism in the US, “from all future conventions” because Ham was, in the eyes of Dean’s group, too intolerant toward opposing viewpoints for them (which they took to be in disagreement with a literal interpretation of the Bible by the way). It should tell you something about the lunacy of Ken Ham, since Dean and his group are truly, gibberingly insane themselves.

Diagnosis: A hardcore, organized fundamentalist. The fact that he is slightly less insane than Ken Ham does not mean that he is not a complete loon. He is.

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