Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#1030: Chuck Pierce

Charles D. “Chuck” Pierce is President of Glory of Zion International Ministries (Denton, Texas), prominent member of the New Apostolic Reformation, a dominionist, and an overall rather nasty piece of work. He has produced a plethora typical fundie materials, including several books with titles such as The Future War of the Church (also here) and the Worship Warrior – as the titles suggest, Pierce literally means war, and he seems fond of the idea of warring, slaying and being brutal in the name of Jesus. Even his “doctorate”, of Practical Ministry, is from the Wagner Leadership Institute, which was founded by the perhaps most ominous, evil (though somewhat low-key) presence in the US at present, C. Peter Wagner. Pierce is also a prominent member of Wagner’s International Council of Apostles (ICA), “a professional society of apostles” who possess “the authority to establish the foundational government of the church.”

Pierce’s view of the world can be well illustrated by his response to the 2011 Japan earthquake: It happened because Pierce prayed for it to happen. Apparently Pierce had, in 2005, taken a team to Japan for a strategic prayer gathering on the island of Hokkaido to try to exorcise the spirits who inhabit that island (Hokkaido is “a stronghold of spiritism in both Japan and the 40/70 Window,” according to Pierce). Apparently his brother Keith prophecied that “there will be a shaking coming to Japan that will bring them to their knees,” brought forth by Chuck’s efforts. “I will create a leveling effect in Japan,” said the voices in Chuck’s head, and amply demonstrates the raging ball of insanity and hate that is Chuck Pierce. (He also believes that the prayers offered by Dutch Sheets and himself were directly causally responsible for the capture of Saddam Hussein, also here). He didn’t cause the Joplin tornado, however; that was caused by a speech Obama gave in 2011 concerning the situation in the Middle East. Said speech also caused spiritual forces to be released that “will cause racism to rise up back to 1967” levels. (One suspects Pierce is just looking for a justification for something.) Apparently Pierce had also predicted that this would happen back in 2005, but of course he couldn’t reveal that prediction before the relevant events had transpired – same thing for his prophecizing hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Irene, however, was God sending angels to change the government. It’s hard for us lay people to know the difference.

Indeed Pierce appears to talk to God on an almost daily basis, and God talks back. In 2008, for instance, God showed him the extent to which people “were aligning around race and gender as opposed to mission call and gifting,” and “different layers of the atmosphere in relationship to His presence versus the demonic spiritual rule in that particular area or region […] There were 10 ruling centers already developed within the United States. Then He showed me the communication systems between these centers. I saw how one sacrifice empowered one dimension of an evil presence, and then that presence would communicate to another center as together they networked their plan of control. […] Next, He showed me how the communication system in the United States was linked with systems internationally and how a new form of global communications was forming in the demonic world. This communication would control financial and legal structures.” One cannot help but be amazed that there are people out there who actually do not dismiss such rants as the incoherent rambles of a raving lunatic. Indeed, according to Pierce America will fall apart, and the East and West coasts (i.e. those liberal areas and their educated population) will be ruled by demons – though these demonic liberal regions will be challenged by the godly “apostolic centers” led by Texas and other southern states, which “will arise and be leading contenders of freedom.”

Diagnosis: You don’t get to become much more delusionally repugnant and hysterically malevolent than this. And Pierce is a major power in the dominionist movement, wielding a frightening amount of influence.


  1. I, for one, welcome our demonic overlords. Can't be much worse than these damned (used advisedly) dominionists.

  2. They moved their "church" to Corinth, Texas (just south of Denton). Chris Rosebrough (who also got a mention on your site) uses at least four of his video clips for his monthly "prophecy bingo" YouTube show (and has given the church the nickname Koo Koo Banana Town).