Sunday, May 11, 2014

#1034: Wendy Pollock & the Homeopaths Without Borders

Wendy Pollock is a homeopath associated with the Maine-based initiative Turn the Tide and what may be the most abominably delusional initiative in existence, Homeopaths Without Borders (HWB).

Pollock, who is surely a nice and kind person if we take only her intentions into consideration, has for instance been traveling to Tanzania to treat AIDS with homeopathy as part of a HWB campaign. But if there is anything HIV positive people in Africa do not need it is Pollock’s misguided attempts at helpfulness, and the fact that the efforts of HWB are likely to interfere with real efforts to help makes her actions indistinguishable from evil.

The organization – whose president is one Jean Hoagland – has been involved in several similar projects, most notoriously in Haiti.

Diagnosis: Even well past out 1000th loon, this kind of stuff still has the power to shock and disturb. What a waste of human life and resources is the HWB!

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