Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#1060: Stephanie & Michael Relfe

Stephanie & Michael Relfe are among the stars of, insofar as they are committed to virtually any crazy thing ever suggested on that site. Yes, they are. Here you can read their interview with a reptilian. According to the Relfes “it was information from this interview of a female Reptilian that enabled Michael to work out how to stop his monthly abuductons, and my occasonal abductions, by changing the Quantum Matrix so that the various technologies of the enemy do not work.” And so it goes. “If this interview was permitted by senior reptilians, it was allowed for no good purpose as far as we are concerned. However, it is also possible that God allowed her to come and speak with us to give us some information, and she has since been punished (terminated).” The reptilians are liars, and as the Relfes point out in the article “The Causeof Many Miscarriages: Reptilians Steal Babies”, … well, I don’t think much comment is needed. Apparently the reptilians are not magical, however: “[M]etaphysical abilities are a gift from God to good beings, and that reptilians who are strongly associated with Fallen Angels do not fit this category. In fact, any display of metaphysical abilities is all due to their, admittedly very advanced, technology.” So there: Magic is good; technology is bad. There is also something about freemasons putting obelisks everywhere and worshipping Satan, but the connection is unclear.

How, by the way, do they know that reptilians are evil? “Next time you are at the zoo, look into the eyes of a crocodile and ask yourself, how much love is that crocodile captable of?” Evidently the same must go for extraterrestrial reptilians as well – though there may be good ones: “[S]ome reptilians did fight and die with the humans in some underground battles.”

For self-help advice, Stephanie Relfe has produced this one, which points out that “[t]he universe is a hologram. Everything is connected on an energy level with everything else.” Therefore the Law of Attraction. She also provides relationship advice: “Relationship troubles may be caused by commands inserted into the brain during alien or military abduction” – and treatises on mind control in films and computer games.

Stephanie also has some psychic abilities: “My psychic alter is very powerful and deadly. I found that out, quite by chance, in February, 2002. I decided to try a mental exercise from the book, ‘The Silva Mind Control Method.’ It consisted of counting backwards while looking upward behind my closed eyelids at a 20-degree angle. For some reason, this position of the eyes automatically produces an Alpha state in the brain. (I find it interesting that the posters and pictures of Harry Potter depict him with this eye position. Does the shadow government want today’s children to be in Alpha most of the time? *Parents, please take note and take action.) […] This incident has totally convinced me that my psychic alter and killer alter do exist; logically if these parts of me exist, then the other parts must exist as well. If the other parts exist, then, logically, something had to have happened to me to create them.” I don’t think “logically” is the right word here, but what do I know?

They have furthermore produced two books of Mars Records, available for free. The first describes “[b]iofeedback meter sessions where a man regained hidden memories of military service on Mars, Time Travel, Killing with Remote Viewing, Mind Control, and Military and Alien abductions.” In the second you can “[l]earn how YOU can stop military & alien abduction, and radionic attack! Plus learn the kinesiology Wernicke’s Correction.” Have fun.

Diagnosis: It is probably a bit enjoyable to be like the Relfes, and they are probably harmless. Someone should nevertheless gently tell their parents not to let them watch too many cartoons on TV, however.


  1. It was not Michael or Stephanie Relfe who met with the female reptilian named Lacerta. They merely reproduced the transcript of the interview that was done by someone in Sweden, and added their own comments.

    1. Thanks. I didn't notice. Some might perhaps say that I should have "noticed something odd" about that transcript, but, you know, I did indeed notice quite a few ... odd things.

  2. All I read is a lot of clever? negativity here, without any substantial refutation of the loonies theories, which I might add make a lot more sense than your nonsensical diatribes. Get a Life!