Sunday, May 18, 2014

#1044: Hollie & Patrick Quinn

Randy Quaid is apparently mad as a hatter, but insofar as he is, it is not quite the kind of madness that generally merits a separate entry in our Encyclopedia. Ben Quayle certainly deserves honorable mention for things like this; but in the end, the entry goes to the exasperating moronicity of Hollie and Patrick Quinn.

The Quinns are the authors of You Did What? Saying ‘No’ To Conventional Cancer Treatment, which recommends giving up conventional and evidence-based cancer treatments in favor of woo based on guesswork, fallacies, anecdotes and appeals to nature. According to themselves, when Hollie Quinn was diagnosed with breast cancer “they said ‘no’ to chemotherapy, radiation and hormones, the standard care of the day in the best oncology centers nationwide. They said YES to an evidence based Integrative Alternative Cancer Care model and are living well to tell their tale with two healthy children in tow.” The book was of course pushed by Huffpo. Huffpo, of course, didn’t mention that Hollie had definitive curative surgery for her tumor – she underwent a partial mastectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy. Apparently the Quinns don’t think twice about recommending other women to die by following their dishonest advice. The case is discussed here.

Having noted the objection, the Quinns responded thusly.

Diagnosis: What rotten excuses for human beings these people are! It boggles the mind that repugnant garbage like Hollie and Patrick Quinn are given outlets to spew their insanity, and it should make you truly sad.

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