Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#1047: Rainbow Eagle

A.k.a. Roland Williston (real name)

Rainbow Eagle is apparently an Okla-Choctaw American Indian alleged Wisdom Keeper, honored with the responsibility of an Ancient Native American Peace Shield, storyteller, teacher and author. That is, according to generally trustworthy sources, he is not actually an elder or medicine person recognized by any Native tribe, but a former social worker who at some point decided to adopt a rather strikingly New Age-ish version of what some people think Native American names sound like, and to use the New Age popular Twilight version of Native American beliefs and practices to gain authority in the most ridiculous New Age circles.

He is also a member of MUFON, and seems to have given several talks in various places on things related to alien abduction (there is an interview here). Suffice to say, his claims are as incoherent as they come. Apparently, according to Rainbow Eagle, humans were planted on Earth some 12,000 years ago (so for what it’s worth he’s got some 6000 years on the young earth creationists). Why? Well, Rainbow Eagle uses an argument by elimination; there are three possible scenarios for how we got here:

1) Aliens put us here to mine gold for them, until we rebelled. So, they genetically programmed us with loyalty to them so that we’d think of them as gods.
2) Aliens came and helped humans develop technology, so we worshiped them because we thought that that was a very nice thing to do.
3) Evolution.

The third option is apparently out, because “Man-to-ape. Somehow an ape stood up, lost its hair, got more brainpower, or whatever all that technical stuff is.” Clearly not. So that leaves us with the others, though the distinctions seem to get a little murky. Apparently, according to Mr. Eagle, it has something to do with quantum mechanics, vibration and energy, though exactly what it has to do with anything remains murky, to put it mildly. Oh, and the original races were different colors. Native Americans used to be red, blacks used to be blue, Asians used to be green, and whites used to be transparent. How come? Who knows.

Diagnosis: Astonishingly incoherent moron. His impact is probably limited, but I can certainly see why people who care about Native American culture are angry at these kinds of idiots.


  1. Have you ever heard Rainbow Eagle speak? Have you read his books? And have you truly researched this gentle teacher's life? If not, I challenge you to do so.
    If you have, then you are of course entitled to your perception of this man. But, based on what I do know of him, & what you never came close to touching, I think not.
    For those of you who are reading this-do your own research. He at the least can give you a lot of food for thought & maybe at times speak to your hearts.

    1. I find what the author has said rather offensive in all honesty. Especially as Rainbow Eagle is recognized as an elder to multiple tribes. He is a wise man with wide standings and is one of the greatest minds I know. He is even a tribe chief, so a lot of this authors claims are very irrelevant.

  2. A'ho morningsun. I've been to quite a few of Rainbow Eagle's teachings and I never heard him speak on any of that garbage that G.D. just mentioned. Rainbow Eagle is a good man, a humanitarian, and well respected man by those who frequent his events.

  3. He brings people together using ritual to create community. He honors all spiritual and secular traditions. He is open about his life story. He also characterizes himself as just a modern person who gets to choose and share his beliefs and his ongoing quest to learn more about his Native American heritage.

    If you're going to make a list of American loons, G.D., you're apparently going to have to include every American, based on the criteria you seem to be using.

  4. I became acquainted with Rainbow Eagle back in the 80's. Our friendship has grown to lifetime friends.He is a kind,down to earth grandfather who spreads love and hope to all he meets.

  5. I went to a couple of his "ceremonies" years ago. He definitely has the wise old Indian vibe down pat. He lost face in this area though when he was directly confronted right in the middle of a talk he was giving at a local Unity church by local Native American activists. I guess his former wife is still around here though. She often talks about how she psychically communicates with big foots. Big feet. Whatever the plural is for big foot. You know, crazy talk.