Friday, May 23, 2014

#1052: Tim Ravndal

Tim Ravndal is the former president of the Big Sky Tea Party Association in Montana, and as crazy as they come. The admirable little thing about Ravndal, however, is his straightforwardness with regard to how he interprets slogans concerning freedom and liberty. With respect to gay marriage Ravndal said: “Marriage is between a man and a woman period! By giving rights to those otherwise would be a violation of the constitution and my own rights.”

Yes, they really believe that this is how rights, freedom and liberty work (and for the record). Ravndal, however, was ousted from his position after assenting to a comment by one Dennis Scranton suggesting that homosexuals should be publicly hanged. That was apparently a bit too much even in a state where the mainstream conservatives include people such as creationist Clayton Fiscus and religious fundamentalist (and creationist) Jeff Laszloffy. Ravndal appears to be still involved in various campaigns against anti-discrimination ordinances, however.

Diagnosis: Evil and stupid. 

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