Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#1037: Boone Powell & Barry Rand


Honorable mention extended to L. Vincent Poupard, who has taken quantum woo to breathtaking levels of idiocy through SCIO, Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation system, and the idea of quantum wellness. But Poupard appears to be Australian (his groups slogan is “harmonising Australia through Energy”). Returning to the US, then, yields – unsurprisingly – a pair of religious fundies.

Boone Powell is the former Chief Executive Officer and President of Baylor University Medical Center (BUMC) and a pretty well respected figure. Addison Barry Rand is the former CEO of Avis and chief executive officer (CEO) of AARP (where he might potentially do something good) – both are guys with power and influence, in other words. What they have in common is that they were part of Bob Cornuke’s 2006 expedition to find Noah’s Ark in Turkey, an expedition that the expedition members counted as “very successful” insofar as they might even have found said Ark.

In his everyday life Powell invests much of his time and efforts in missionary work among children since “[s]urveys tell us that percentage-wise very few people come to Christ after age 18,” a justification that is worth some thought.

Diagnosis: They may (or may not) be generally nice people, and they are certainly otherwise influential. But being part of Cornuke’s expedition automatically qualifies you as a loon, and that’s the end of that side of the story.

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