Monday, September 1, 2014

#1142: George Shollenberger

Yes, there are pictures of
Shollenberger himself
available on the Internet,
but we thought we should
give him a pass.

I am a little unsure about whether we should really include George Shollenberger. There are extenuating circumstances. Then again, he does not seem to be a nice guy. And he has (self-)published a book purporting to provide the first scientific proof of God, and it seems to be occasionally available on Amazon. It contains barely coherent, completely amazing gibberish. To take a nice example: “Today, both mathematicians and scientists are saying that the universe has an end. This statement is made without any proof. My research shows that this saying is false. The danger of making such statements in any nation is great. For instance, the Muslim’s say that a suicide bomber will be rewarded by God. This saying is false and causes errors in human behavior in the Muslim nations. Saying that the universe has an end causes errors in human behavior in all nations.” And thus the stage is set.

Of course, Shollenberger himself noted the absence of reviews of his incoherent ramblings in any serious venues, and concluded from this that what he claimed was right. There is a review here, however (though Shollenberger claims it is just a character assassination and a concentrated effort to stop the propagation of his book). He was not happy with that one, and complained to the “scienceblogs website” (no idea), complaining that “[Scienceblog’s] mathematicians are practicing atheism […] In the USA, the practice of atheism is […] illegal”.

And then there is his attempt to disprove the theory of relativity.

Diagnosis: Perhaps we should have given him a pass. But then again, if you enjoy incoherent ramblings Shollenberger provides bang for your buck like no one else.


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  2. (Missed my spell check, George)
    The Declaration of Independence (DOI) considered The Second Treatise of Government of John Locke. Two states of nature are defined. One state is 'perfect freedom' and does not exist in any nation. The other state is 'government." In the USA, government is the 'laws of nature and the laws of nature's God.'

    In my first book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' I prove that God cannot be known because a simple substance has no parts. Since the evening sky has many finite things, I say that God is the origin of all finite parts in the universe.

    In my second book 'A New and Modern Holy Bible,' I say that Jesus went to Greece at age 12, became a follower of Anaxagoras and Plato, and then went home at age 30 to teach his Jewish friends about God and the universe. Thus, I say that Jesus is not God. Matt. 5:19 is the strongest teaching of Jesus.

    In my third book, 'God And His Coexistent Relations To The Universe,' I show that God and the universe is one and had no beginning and has no end.

    I conclude that a chicken comes before the eggs or, in general, that souls come before bodies. In his "Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences' (on page 34), Galileo said that a continuous quantity is built up of an infinite number of indivisibles. Thus, building better and better things in the universe will never stop or be completed.

    George D. Shollenbeger

  3. I am a scientific engineer of Johns Hopkins University. In my life, I worked on two things --- living and non-living things. To understand living things, I had to conduct research on the universe and its origin, humans, animals, and plants. I found that God is the origin of the universe. On non-living things, I worked with telemetry for the U.S. space program with mathematics and developed one of the first digital telemetry system.

    When scientists landed a robot on Mars recently, the robot could not determine whether living things existed there. This robot only saw chemicals.

    On relative theory, I agree with Gottfried Leibniz. Space means the order of co-existent things in the universe and time means the order of successions.

    George D. Shollenberger