Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#1160: George Edward Smock

A.k.a. Brother Jed

Brother Jed is a wingnut Methodist evangelist who travels around the US to evangelize at college campuses. He is most famous for his anti-gay rants – including his “It’s not Ok to be gay” song (it’s here, if you must) – racism (“The only thing Mexicans contribute to society is burritos and Jewish people are only good at making bagels and running banks”), and for being extremely confrontational about it. Jed also denounces the evils of kissing, bikinis, masturbation (“a masturbator today is a homosexual tomorrow”), sex (“I don’t know how the whorehouses in this town stay open — all of you sorority girls are giving it away for free!”), feminism, liberalism, and – to make sure he stays up to date with the concerns of youths – rock n’ roll.

In short, Brother Jed stands for – and flaunts – everything that is objectionable in fundie ideology, which is why he is liked by freethinker communities and disliked by other fundie groups.

Diagnosis: Innocuous enough – at least his efforts can hardly be claimed to promote the cause of fundamentalism. Though he is definitely a loon, and hysterically so.


  1. I'm betting this guy makes his living getting banned from college campuses and other public places, then suing for a settlement on First Amendment grounds. It's what the Westboro Baptist jackasses do.

  2. "All you're good at is running banks!" um ok