Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#1166: Donald Spitz

With the passing of Louis Spiegel in 1999 it has been difficult to verify who, exactly, is currently leading the Unarians, apart from the alien beings of light and spirits of Ernest Norman that the Unarians themselves would claim are leading them. Do look into the group, however – there are few examples of more amazing, incoherent gibberish on the whole of the Internet, and that is no mean feat. But it is also all fluffy friendliness (with UFOs). There is nothing fluffy or friendly about Donald Spitz. Spitz is a fundie anti-abortion activist who runs the website – and is a spokesman – for the anti-abortion group Army of God (described here). He used to be a member of Operation Rescue, but was apparently too extreme even for them – beside, Spitz was a personal friend of Paul Jennings Hill. He was also a firm supporter of Clayton Waagner’s efforts to “kill as many [abortion providers] as I can” by sending thousands of anthrax letters to doctors in 2001, and John Salvi III, who attacked two abortion clinics in Massachusetts – Spitz held a prayer vigil outside Salvi's jail cell and was so outspoken in his defense of Salvi that he was asked not to come to Massachusetts. Needless to say, Spitz has been watched by the FBI for a while.

Spitz’s anti-abortion efforts tend to overshadow his other views and various fundie efforts, but he also rails against “filthy faggots” and “lesbos” (more on Spitz’s views on gay rights here), claims that Islam is “Satanic,” Arabs are “Rag-Heads,” and that Muslims “should not be allowed to live in the United States.” That would include President Obama, whom Spitz believes to be a Muslim. Furthermore New York City is a “sex perverted cesspool” that richly deserved Sept. 11. His website has accordingly been noted for several instances thinly veiled racism.

Diagnosis: Hysterically insane fundie, warped to the core by delusions and fanaticism. He doesn’t have many followers, but his campaigns constitute a rather serious threat to society.

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