Thursday, September 25, 2014

#1162: Amy Max & Roderic Sorrell

Bio-ching is the union of the modern pseudoscience of biorhythms and the ancient superstitious mysticism of the I Ching. It was developed by by Amy Max Sorrell and Roderic Sorrell – “therapists”, according to their websites, and at least reiki masters – who use a computer program to generate something from the I Ching for each of the biorhythmic combos (512, it seems) available in their system. As Robert Carroll describes it, “they’ve added an electronic fortune cookie (with equivalent wisdom) to the biorhythm chart.” (And no: we are not going to give Kevin Sorbo a separate entry, if anyone wondered.)

To prepare for they innovation they went around for several years “sampling the New Age Emporium that is California,” and delved into an impressive variety of techniques from the most delusional echelons of woo, including “the meridian energy of acupuncture, the power of the deep massage of Rolfing” and “the esoteric practices of Taoist meditation,” “herbal healing” and the “newly emerging electronic approaches to the mind: sound and light stimulation of the mind’s beta, alpha, theta and delta waves, and biofeedback.”

If you wish to be exposed to their bullshit in person you can go to their home of Truth or Consequences in New Mexico to have them amend whatever physical or spiritual inadequacy from which you might suffer ($250 per day per person).

Diagnosis: Woo of the highest order, but one cannot help wondering how they would score if measured on a scale of stupidity; after all, their counseling is rather expensive.


  1. I don't know how I keep forgetting to mention him, but Mark Steyn deserves an entry for his "Eurabia" and "creeping Sharia" style conspiracy theories.

  2. Oh, and unhinged lunatic Robert Spencer.

  3. Steyn does merit an entry, but he is still a Canadian citizen. Jeffrey Kuhner and Mark Steyn do merit entries of their own because their special brand of hatemongering has helped undermine American civil discourse. I would welcome a special annex for Canadian loons who come to the US to engage in demagoguery.