Saturday, September 6, 2014

#1146: Bob Silverstein

A.k.a. Ahmen Heaven
A.k.a. Goodman Livingwell

His aliases (invented by himself) are dead giveaways (unless he's an elaborate poe), and Bob Silverstein delivers crazy in abundance. Here, for instance, he advises you to “stop eating” (yes, Silverstein is an advocate of inedia) “...because fasting and elimination are more important – and more worthy …than eating!” It is backed up by some unrelated Bible verses and celebrity quotes, and Silverstein’s own testimonial (“I keep telling my family and friends how good it feels to have an empty stomach […] There’s even a feeling of renewed strength and energy, which is an empirical observation that most people experience after a good bowel movement.” Which is, you know, rather irrelevant. Indeed, he advocates breatharianism, and apparently views Wiley Brooks as a great prophet. Those who have ever visited his website should have some idea of what levels of crazy this implies.

On the other hand, Silverstein also advocates the “Jesus’s diet! For your sins”, so who knows. His section “Urine – The Fountain of Youth! needs little comment (Silverstein calls himself “naturopathic urine therapist), and he is not the only one of those out there). Here is a list of bumper stickers he’d “like to see”.

Diagnosis: This might, come to think of it, be a big joke. Either that, of Silverstein vies for the “craziest guy on the Internet” title, and is thus up for some seriously tough competition.


  1. The bumper stickers link doesn't work.

    1. Yeah, the whole website seems to be down. Sorry about that. I'll see if I can find it somewhere.