Sunday, October 5, 2014

#1171: Jelaila Starr

A.k.a. Joscelyn Kelly

In 1992 Joscelyn Kelley had a “spiritual awakening” and became a walk-in Starseed called Jelaila while she was a patient at an abortion clinic. After Jelaila took possession of Mrs. Kelley she married fellow Nibiruan “walk-in” Jehowah (Jonathan) Starr, and in January of 1997 she was “trained” as a galactic messenger and founded The Nibiruan Council, named after Nibiru, Zechariah Sitchin’s alleged 12th planet of the solar system (don’t ask). But fear not, Jelaila claims she maintains contact with Joscelyn, who is currently residing on Nibiru. Jelaila regularly visits her via channelings or dream states. She also believes she is from a cat race of beings called 9D meaning 9th dimensional Felines. Jonathan (AKA Jehowah), on his side, is a 9D reptilian being. Apparently Jelaila is guided by a 9D feline called Devin, who is her brother in the 9th dimensional realms. So there.

Currently Jelaila Starr heads, as mentioned, an alien identity-based group and channels information from the Galactic Federation’s Nibiruan Council (their website is here – the design doesn’t inappropriately flaunt their advanced state of being). You can become part of this exclusive group by attending Starr’s “Are you a Nibiruan – Starseed type readings” sessions. Session prices ranges from $125 an hour with Jelaila to $100 an hour with Jonathan. If you are, indeed, a Starseed, you must also have a “Life Blueprint” reading and buy various books, tapes, vitamin supplements, colon cleanse kits and other stuff, but you may also get the opportunity to become “Galactic Councilor Apprentice”, and who wouldn’t want that? Perhaps it would help to employ some of their “Ascension Tools”, such as “the Accelerated DNA Recoding Process,” and the “Multidimensional Keys of Compassion”? (Presumably not included in the startup price.)

The Jelaila Starr story is described by Colleen Johnston, who seems to be quite a fluffcase herself but at least warns against Starr, here.

Starr is, of course, also a conspiracy theorist. She thinks it is in human nature to hide knowledge from each other and ourselves: “This is why these solar flares are occurring. Through the solar flares the planetary frequency is affected along with the earth’s magnetic grid. The magnetic grid holds our memories. When it is shaken through solar flares, those memories that are suppressed have the chance to surface, hence the emotional chaos we experience happening within us and around us.” There’s quite a lot of this kind of stuff on her webpage.

Diagnosis: Well, you know.


  1. I'm sure George Lucas won't sue her because she doesn't have any money.

  2. Now this is a female with a firm grip on realty. Or maybe not.

  3. I once quoted part of Mrs. Starr's material (which did not bear a copyright claim), under Title 17 of the USC Copyright Code ("Fair Use for educational purposes", etc.).

    She became litigious and told me not only would I be taken before the Karmic Board (apparently guilty just because you go there, and then are judged to a bajillion lifetimes of horrific karma), she also said all the energetic parasites, Soul contracts, boogy-men, etc. in all dimensions would be returned to me, DOUBLE.

    Geesh. BTW, she had no legal grounds for a lawsuit, and no lawyer contacted me.

  4. Dont worry. ET's arent real. The Earth is the ONLY inhabited planet out the quadrillions that exist. Have absolutely no worries - What youve been told is ALL true. UFO's are fake. Theres NO other beings ANYWHERE in the universe - even in the parts that we dont know about - Its ALL empty - except here. People who use telepathy are CRAZY. Theres no such thing! All the cases on Earth where someone gets a feeling about someone else and theres something happening? ALL FAKE! Never happened! Go RIGHT BACK to sleep. Telepathy doesnt exist - theres NEVER EVER EVER been a SINGLE bit of communication with ANY entities through telepathy. Its all just movie stuff.

    There, now do you all feel better? So grab your pillow and get back to sleep.

  5. No, not a loon; a clever opportunist. Trouble is, a little knowledge often causes one to look really silly to those w/somewhat more. But who cares, right? There are so few of those! Take the writer of this 'blog' (please!) Reference is made to "Zecharia Sitchin's alleged 12th Planet." (I suppose his heirs own it now, since he 'ascended in 2010. How interesting that NASA also 'alleged' it about two & a half yrs ago. And there's that little detail of the Sumerians correctly drawing our solar system 6,000 yrs ago, & including a planet (yep, same one) beyond Pluto. It's our TWELFTH planet, right? No. Do some reading. What an abysmal swamp of ignorance we live in today, in no small measure due to the efforts of disinformationists. Only one remedy for it: educate oneself!