Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#1173: Henry Stevens

Henry Stevens is a conspiracy theorist, pseudoscientist, Holocaust “skeptic”, self-proclaimed “WWII expert”, and the founder of the “German Research Project” (GRP) to research Nazi UFOs. We are, in short, at the deep end here.

The GRP, according to itself, “researches and documents UFOs built by the Germans during WW2”, an idea that according to Stevens is – but of course – suppressed by the American government because, well, you know, that’s what they do. In particular, Stevens claims not only that governments lie and cover up secret technologies, including UFOs invented by the Nazis, but that Hitler survived WWII by moving on to a secret underground base in the Antarctic. He has accordingly written some books on these issues (published by Adventures Unlimited Press). He has also written quite a bit on electro-propulsion (anti-gravity) mechanism devices and various other forms of pseudoscience as well, as blithely ignorant of reason, reality, evidence or fact as you’d expect.

Apparently, according to rationalwiki, he also posts as “fivepercenter” on web forums, where he offers gems such as the observation that “[l]et me tell you the reason you cannot ever get a list of victims totally anywhere near 6 million. It is because that figure was pulled out of thin air, whole cloth,” concerning the Holocaust. In 2013, he was made a moderator on the forum Bonesandbehaviours, where he identifies as a “race realist” and advocates “scientific racism”.

Diagnosis: Thank you for playing, Mr. Stevens. Now go home and do something useful with your life.

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  1. Stevens' "expertise" re WW2 does not extend as far as knowing how long "Admiral" (in fact Grand Admiral) Doenitz's farcical rump "government" lasted (1 example); he believes that senior SS members could have publicly voiced explicit defeatist views in 1944; he clearly has no idea of the history of the "hooked cross" or swastika as a far-right emblem. Far stranger than his mere ignorance is his belief that "the ether" DOES exist, and that its debunking was therefore fraudulent. He plainly knows next to nothing about Heisenberg & the efforts of rational scientists within the 3rd Reich to reverse Hitler's infantile rejection of "Jewish" [i.e. actual] physics, to enable them to work towards a Nazi nuke. He doesn't know what "beg the question" means (though he does this constantly); his book is littered with illiteracies (there? Or their? Er...).
    Stevens mourns the (alleged) suppression of the "good historical ideas" the 3rd Reich gave the world. What, I wonder, were they? World Ice Theory?