Monday, January 28, 2013

#395: Brandon Vallorani

Brandon Vallorani is the executive vice-president of The American Vision, whose mission is “Restoring America’s Biblical Foundation—From Genesis to Revelation (Psalm 11:3).” Yes, that’s Gary DeMar’s group. You can read more about them here. Jared, Brandon’s brother, is the Director of Outreach. Together with Eric Rauch and Kent Thelen they are part owners of Tolle Lege Press (run by Brandon and their father Raymond). Brandon is, with Thelen, Ira Moore, Richard Vest, and DeMar part members of Creation Books, LLC – in other words, the same people do – as so often with wingnut groups – behind the scenes in plenty of businesses and organizations, and they make substantial amounts of money from these projects.

Before joining American Vision, Brandon was the Vice President of Answers in Genesis (and seems currently to be part of Christian Worldview Communications) as – apparently – their resident movie critic (he had to leave after some debacle regarding the ongoing conflict between AiG and CMI) His general outlook may be discerned from his review of The Day after Tomorrow: “In addition to the hyper-environmentalist agenda, the movie also takes pot-shots at Christianity and is sprinkled with evolutionary ideas.” The illustrations are hilarious (though I don’t link to AiG; you’ll have to google it). You could try his review of Planet of the Apes, as well: “The most disturbing attributes of the movie were its anti-Christian overtones and references to evolution as scientific fact,” followed by “I was saddened that Hollywood is so successful at mocking God and the Bible. In reality, this anti-Christian movie is just a symptom of a deeper problem. It is the by-product of a nation and culture that has rejected its Creator.” He’s got some posts up here as well, which will give you the flavor.

Diagnosis: One might argue that the real loons are those who give these people money, though it is hard to avoid the conclusion that Vallorani’s type of people actually believe many of the claims they use to collect money as well. Vallorani is a not the most highly profiled figure in the anti-reason movement, but seems to wield some power and deserves exposure.

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