Wednesday, July 24, 2013

#642: Donald J. Eckard

Donald J. Eckard is one of many activisits tirelessly promoting ignorance and delusion under the false flag of “critical analysis”, which such proponents don’t even begin to understand. Eckard is a dentist (as is Jack Cuozzo and Don McLeroy) who thinks that “Evolution is a theory that needs critical analysis and textbook supplements to help students examine evidence or the lack of it” – primarily the latter – and together with one Mark Moore he proposed this to the Rogers School Board in 2007 (scroll down; the main article concerns hardcore anti-evolution teacher Kris Helphinstine who was rightfully fired for his delusional antics in school) – Eckhard himself apparently served on a textbook selection committee for said schoolboard. His arguments were primarily backed up by “information” from Answers in Genesis, and Eckhard was pretty explicit that he thought “macroevolution” was impossible, thereby exhibiting his absolutely astonishing lack of understanding of evolution.

Eckard told the school board he wants to work with the district to “get students the best education possible,” and tried to emphasize that he was not pushing creationism. Which he was.

Diagnosis: Admittedly a pretty minor character, but we nevertheless have a duty to expose such zealous opponents of reality, reason and accountability. Eckard’s detrimental influence is surely local, but nonetheless detrimental.

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  1. Relativity is a theory that needs critical analysis and textbook supplements -- and the best place to get those (everyone knows) is from loony dentists!