Monday, December 14, 2015

#1545: Michael Dimond

a.k.a. Frederick Dimond (original name)

The Most Holy Family Monastery is a traditionalist Catholic sedevacantist organization that, due to their pamphlet “101 Heresies of Anti-Pope John Paul II” (condemning for instance the Vatican’s promotion of Natural Family Planning), was declared “a dissident organization that challenges the papal authority” by The Catholic League. It was also designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, though not for the entirely same reasons.

Consisting of a small barrel of monks led by Michael Dimond (his brother Peter is a prominent member as well – in fact, Michael and Peter may be the only members), the group was founded by the late Joseph Natale, a prophet who “knew, and knew absolutely, that [Vatican II] was part of a Communist conspiracy to destroy the Church. The bishops at the council wanted to democratize Catholicism, they wanted an egalitarian theology, and most of them were secret communists and Masons. They knew exactly what they were doing.” Moreover, John Paul I was murdered by his own. The Communist infiltrators in the Vatican and the College of Cardinals, working together with the Masons,” and, for good measure, [f]ive years [from 1994] is about all the time the world has left.”

The SPLC categorization was justified on the grounds of integrism, the supporters of which  routinely pillory Jews as the perpetual enemy of Christ’ and […] are incensed by the liberalizing reforms of the 1962–65 Second Vatican Council, which condemned hatred for the Jews and rejected the accusation that Jews are collectively responsible for deicide in the form of the crucifixion of Christ.”

Their website reads like a poe (“study: contraception can shrink a woman’s brain” to “Is the world about to end” to “thousands of earthworms rain from sky over Norway, baffling meteorologists” (I have no idea where they get their “news”) to “Antipope Francis to host major summit on ‘Climate Change’” (yeah, throw in some climate change denialism as well while you’re at it) to “test confirms millions of girls given vaccine laced with sterilization hormone” to Mark Biltz’s blood moon insanity. And they themselves are so persecuted it almost hurts: by the gays, the Jews, the protestants, tattoo parlors (oh, yess) and people who dare to disagree with them in public. There’s a bit of politics there as well: Did you know that the TV series “Law and Order” is nefarious and subversive pro-vaccine (!) propaganda? Or that cash is “banned in Louisiana at garage sales, flea markets, etc.”? And then there is the expected stuff: UFOs (they’re Satanic conspiracies to deceive mankind), exorcisms, “abortion, rock music and freemasonry exposed”, holocaust denialism, 9/11 conspiracies, creationism and weird attacks on Superman (no, really – he’s “Satan’s replacement” for Jesus Christ). They have funny fonts and color combinations as well. Go figure.

Some further highlights:
-       Aborted babies go to Hell because they are unbaptized.
-       Having homosexual thoughts is a mortal sin, and homosexuality is the result of demonic takeover” (apparently everyone really knows this but some still deny this obvious fact because of liberal bias).
-       Contraception is a mortal sin, as is natural family planning (“safe periods”)
-       The Jews are collectively responsible for the death of Jesus ... and the Holocaust was of course a hoax.
-       Elvis, The Rolling Stones, Madonna and others are possessed by demons and listening to their music allows demons to put you in a  “zombie-like trance.”

There is also some sympathy toward geocentrism on display.

Here’s and example of a letter from a fan (Matt Wykoff). Possible favorite passage (there are plenty to choose from): Libertarianism (and the constitution) are simply tyrannical failures and instruments that lead to false flag attacks and government-run pedophilia through their Manual (and Visual) Body-Cavity Searches of Juvenile Hall youth.” Take that … Ron Paul?

Diagnosis: Though the website could serve a useful purpose as flypaper for people who need help, Dimond himself seems mostly to need a hug and some reaffirmation (though I would be careful about getting to close to him if you don’t know what you’re doing). Probably relatively harmless, though noticeably less fanatic groups in other parts of the world have gone off to do horrible things.


  1. I used to read that site just for laughs. It seems he's gotten worse.

  2. can i take you seriously when you don't sign your work?

  3. can i take you seriously when you don't sign your work?

  4. How can we give a rat's assets what you take seriously?

  5. In all fairness, listening to Elvis Presley's lame-ass movie soundtracks might conceivably put one in a zombie-like trance.

  6. It is very 'easy' to 'fault' HFM under the guise of 'anonymity'.. We're all making our choices in these times, and the 'anonymous' writer of this article has made theirs.. One note: Human Nature is thus: A person has a good friend. One day while talking to their good friend, as that good friend walks away.. an 'acquaintance' walks up and asks, 'Do you know them?' ( the good friend ) and then makes a nasty remark about the persons 'good friend'.. And what does the person do?? Nod's stupidly in agreement rather than 'defend' his ( good friend ) the mere acquaintance has just maligned.. People are SO stupid! I call it 'mob-mentality'... Articles like this? Are meant to malign and deceive with no real basis in fact! Like the person who witnesses an accident, tells another person, 'Wow! There was just a bad accident and a couple people may have been injured!'.. Then, the person they told, tells the next person that THEY saw the accident and 11 people died and fire destroyed 6 buildings! Anyone reading this article has to RESEARCH for themselves.. THEN.. make your OWN choice.

  7. Personal anonymous attacks, not a refutation of any of MHFM positions, sad that people such as the author of this are allowed to spread lies and slander.

  8. The Dimonds are not monks or Catholic, their wicked.

  9. Absolutely agree with deLarge, no refutations of MHFM's and the Dimond Brother's positions, just mockery that it makes sense no one would put their name to. Also, this shitpost (that's what it is) claims that MHFM says unbabtized aborted babies go to hell. It is Catholic teaching that unbaptized infants, not having original sin washed away but not being guilty of any actual mortal sin, go to limbo (the part of hell where there is no fire and they will not be tortured). So technically yes, they do, but the shitposter is implying that MHFM claims they are tormented in the fires of hell, which is a straw man. Everyone here should take some time to read their site and watch some of their videos. Start with these:
    And yes, that video:
    In general, check out (goes for you, all your followers, and everyone here, especially the "Unknown" clown).