Wednesday, December 30, 2015

#1557: Joni Dourif

Joni (Jonina) Dourif is the (a?) ex-wife of the legendary Ed Dames, and the one who took over Dames’s company Psi Tech (most famous, perhaps, for telling us where Elizabeth Smart’s dead body was located and naming her killer months before she was found alive; Psi Tech’s spin is pretty legendary) after Dames stepped down (that story is summarized here). Psi Tech offers “remote viewing” services. Dourif herself was, according to this website “one of the first civilians trained in CRV technology,” but claims, like a lot of these people, to have been “the subject of PSI research and precognition most of her life.” Apparently, she had a background “specializing in Jungian clinical Psychology,” which she apparently achieved to establish the existence of innate psychic abilities. For the last 20 years she has been training others in “technical remote viewing” (initially a 10-day course) and has produced a couple of “Remote Viewing training tapes” to “provide the public at large with specialized training” (hey, the tapes were “filmed by an Oscar nominee,” no less; support by peer reviewed publications pales in comparison). She currently runs Psi Tech with CEO Dane Spotts, and publishes newsletters and e-zines and runs “an active chat room and several bulletin boards.” They still haven’t found any missing girls.

Undaunted by the lack of tangible success, they’re currently apparently even building a psi research center and a distance learning college, a “degree” from which is probably not something you should put on your CV. One of their training sessions is described here.

Diagnosis: We actually suspect that Dourif really believes that these abilities exist. And no amount of falsification is gonna convince her otherwise.

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