Wednesday, April 3, 2013

#495: George Berkin

George Berkin is a conservative (well, fundie) columnist for who is sufficiently wingnutty to have been caught defending Conservapedia on at least one occasion. He also produced an extraordinarily tasteless column on Hitchens’s sickness, arguing that God is being good to Christopher Hitchens by afflicting him with a lingering disease, because it will give him a chance to repent, concluding by encouraging everyone pray for a deathbed conversion. If nothing else, this kind of reasoning shows why fundie beliefs are insane and a threat to civilization.

Being an asshole is not enough to get you an entry, however. More importantly for our purposes is the fact that Berkin is a stooge for Intelligent Design Creationism (no, he has no clue about biology – of course not), who combines his delusional advocacy with an unhealthy but expected dose of fundamentalist Christian persecution complex. After a screening of Inherit the Wind he was absolutely shocked when the audience did not agree that intelligent design should be taught in public schools. He went on to claim that those who deny that creationism is science are as “intolerant and close-minded” (i.e. if you deny that false beliefs are true you are intolerant) as the pious Hillsboro Townsfolk from the film. Ergo, Berkin is now being vehemently persecuted (never mind that he has his own column on

His defense of Intelligent design is the standard PRATT canards: “Darwinism” is a religion, while intelligent design is pure science since intelligent design advocates make no reference to religion at all – this is backed up by quoting Phillip Johnson  and Michael Behe!

Here, for your amusement, is another crazy, Martin Patterson, making the evolution-is-a-religion argument.

Diagnosis: Another insane fundie (plenty where he came from), who appears to have a certain substantial audience regardless of the vile lunacy of his rants. Evil chowderhead godbotter.

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