Wednesday, April 3, 2013

#496: Jason Bermas

Jason Bermas is a filmmaker most famous for his involvement in films such as Fabled Enemies, Loose Change, and Invisible Empire. Loose Change is, of course, the famous documentary asserting that 9/11 was an inside job (directed by Dylan Avery, whom we unfortunately missed even on this second round, and produced by Bermas, Matthew Brown, and Korey Rowe, with none other than Alex Jones as the executive producer). The movie argues that 9/11 was a set-up in order for the US to justify a war in Iraq, but unfortunately offers no explanation for why the government would carry out this ruse and subsequently not incorporate any connection to Iraq in their elaborate scheme (e.g. by making the hijackers have some connection to Iraq). See also this. For a viewer’s guide to Loose Change, you can go here. It is worth noting that Bermas said of Mark Roberts (who constructed the viewer’s guide) “[h]e's betraying this country and humanity,” and Alex Jones called him “[a]n absolute demon”. This site offers helpful guidance as well.

“Fabled Enemies” was another attempt from Bermas at the 9/11 conspiracy. “Invisible Empire” is, as you guessed, about the New World Order.

Bermas used to host The Infowarrior, a political, caller-based and widely distributed t Alex Jones spinoff talkshow. He is currently alternate host of The Alex Jones show itself.

Diagnosis: A rising star in the insanity movement, Bermas efficiently applies his lack of critical thinking skills to a variety of (interlinked) areas in you typical crank magnet manner. One to watch

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