Monday, April 1, 2013

#492: Stephen Bennett

Stephen Bennett is the founder of Stephen Bennett Ministries, which reaches out to those wanting to leave the homosexual lifestyle. Bennett himself claims to have been “set free” himself a couple of years ago through the power of Christ. Accoringly, he pays ardent attention to the American Family Association’s call for boycotts of gay-friendly organizations, with sometimes puzzling results, such as here.

Apparently Bennett is “Emerging as One of the Nation's Key Speakers on the Issues of Homosexuality & the Homosexual Agenda” and, according to himself, he speaks the truth “in love”, because “in love” sounds better than the more accurate “hate and bigotry”. His take on the possibility of an HIV prevention pill displays his love clearly enough: “Why can't these intelligent scientists and doctors understand we need to educate people on abandoning their risky, unsafe sexual practices and behavior – not give them a pill to enable and encourage them?” Wouldn’t matter that it saves lives, in other words, when saving lifes might take the dangers away from living a sinful lifestyle.

Though “Stephen Bennett” is not an entirely uncommon name, I assume that the Stephen Bennett involved with Concerned Women for America is the same one.

Diagnosis: Another that kind of guy, who devotes his lack of insight and reason to bigotry and evil. Despite the blurb his actual impact is unknown, but he’s definitely a solid piece of mud in the landslide.

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