Saturday, April 20, 2013

#516: Nathan Bradfield

Nathan Bradfield is probably not a particularly significant figure, but at least he is involved with the organization STACLU, i.e. Stop the ACLU”. Accordingly, Bradfield has strong opinions on such matters as the division of church and State and about gay marriage. Apparently they are two sides of the same coin, for as Bradfield puts it so eloquentlyhomosexual marriage not hurting your marriage is like saying not allowing prayer in schools doesn't affect your prayer at church,” which of course is true, but probably not in the way Bradfield intended. He swings in on the matter of school prayers here with a predictable lack of direction.

Bradfield is also a staunch fan of David Barton and Christian reconstructivism, and is willing to go to great length to defend Barton’s dishonesty, patiently teaching the rest of us that the Separation of Church and State was invented by the Christophobes at ACLU. (He responds to critics here.) The notion of truth seems to continuously elude him in his rants, though that doesn’t prevent him from trying to instruct the rest of us.

Things start to go awry, however, when Bradfield fancies himself a biologist. He appears to get his information from the WorldNetDaily, adding gems of arguments such as this one to the effect that if evolution was true we would have a plethora of fossils showing where animals mutated more poorly and were killed in ’survival of the fittest.’ Instead we have animals and fish showing up and disappearing.” And when you think he’s hit rock bottom you get “[t]he fact is, virtually every science book and every Ph.D. calls evolution a ’theory.’” (in fact, Bradfield cites some Dennis Peacocke for this argument). He elaborates as follows: the missing link that bridges species. Evolutionists even call it the ’missinglink.’ You guys have been searching now for more than 150 years. Where is it? Because you can't find it, you, by your own standards, are therefore forced to call evolution a ’theory’ because it is not absolutely conclusive.” Things go downward from there.

And to end where we started, with Bradfield on homosexuality: “The question from homosexual advocates is always, ‘if homosexuality is a choice, why would one choose it if it causes all the emotional distress?’ The answer is simple: The person made a poor moral choice. It's the same reason we see school shootings.”

Diagnosis:Appallingly stupid godbot and fundamentalist. Probably completely insignificant – indeed, Bradfield is honestly not bright enough to be dangerous, and the bar is set pretty low in the groups with which he is trying to associate.

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